Restructure raid tournament rewards

With the success of the newly launched Avalon event and it’s reward tiers, why not make the raid tournament rewards follow suit? Create a ranking tier system. The current RNG system is frustrating at best, let us see what we’re fighting for! I think it would renew interest in tournaments.

Lol I’m sorry but this is hilarious

Because it will never happen?

No because the raid tourney loot is designed the way it is because of all the complaints about the design of the event loot

I’m not saying they should give equal rewards, but for a 5 day tournament, give the top people something worth their time and hard work. You can rank in the top 1% and still not see an unfarmable ascension item, how is that worth anyone’s time?

I’ve never ranked in the top 1%, usually somewhere in the top 5-25%, but I would work harder to level heroes and fight in the tournament if it was worth my time.

Well the old event loot sucked. The new event loot that gives worthwhile items for ranking in the top 50,000 or 10,000 is well worth it. I think most would agree, no?

The rewards were good in the beginning

Players complained, especially high level players that typically rank in events. Felt others were gaining ground on them since anyone could rank in a tourney without spending and it’s not that easy in events

So devs nerfed the loot

Now players want the loot unnerfed

Tourney loot is designed with RnG rewards and % rankings because people didnt like events being rank based and set rewards

So you can see why i chuckled a little

No matter what devs do with any reward system, it won’t be enough

I give it about 3 months max before players complain about the current event loot tier system

I do remember the first raid tournament loot and I was quite happy with it. Since then, it hasn’t been worth it for anyone. Spending gems to reset your losses for what? A chance at tall boots?

The latest Avalon still had all the regular top players right where you would expect to see them, at the top.

Raids are less predictable, but the top players with deep benches still carry an advantage.

I think the new Avalon was great, I’ve never tried so hard to increase my rank and it was a lot of fun. If raid tournaments had a similar rewards system my interest would be there.

Don’t see how anyone can complain about more/greater rewards, doesn’t make sense to me.

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I agree 100%

All i can say is that i would hope they would fix other flaws with the tournaments before fixing the rewards. Of course the flaws are probably unfixable without coming up with an entire new system and tossin the current one in the garbage

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