Restrict posting in alliance chat

I’m running into issues where people are joining my alliance just to get people to leave and join another alliance that they are part of. Its happening too often. I need a way to restrict posting in alliance chat of new members to leader or co-leader approval only until a certain amount of posts have been approved or until its disabled for each new member. So far no one active has left. But it would be a good preventative measure to guard against this type of action. Even going as far as blocking the ability to rejoin a previous alliance for 7 days should be a good deterrent.

You can always change the alliance from open to invite only.
This way you have to accept a player and can directly kick when advertising.

What are your settings now?
No cups minimum and open?


I would like to keep it open to keep getting new members automatically. I did have a cup requirement but it decreased the amount of new members each week or month. Alliance chat isn’t used much so those posts are noticable until it’s removed automatically. Even after these people have left. Even if I kick them, the damage is already done.

Lots of us have alliance families now and leaders need to move between them, so I wouldn’t be a fan.

I’d suggest moving to ‘invite only’ perhaps.

But I agree that poaching is very bad form.

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I think this is an impudence! I noticed such recruitment when I choose to be in a dead alliance for a while but I thought this was only because the alliance was dead in deed. Then It is ok I think because some do not know better. Now I read more and more about this kind of recruitment here and I am really concerned.
I think it is not forbidden but it should be.
can SG pls discuss to change rules so that this behavioure is punished by blocking the people?


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