Restoring enthusiasm for long term players

Ha! Honestly just quit. I am trying to find a way not to miss people but ready to quit. Thinking of migrating all to different game. It’s getting worse and not better. Have a look at my chest loot. I don’t even get tickets anymore since I quit Vip. They are trying to get people to burn through resources. Spend more money for heroes that become obsolete. Not to mention the boards the last two weeks. Like wtf!
I have been playing for over three years. It’s getting worse and worse and not better.


This game really needs:

  • better rewards for war chest: at least one 4* ascension material for 100% participation; in my opinion alliance war is one of the only reasons people still pulling for heroes; for map stages, quests etc 10 heroes 5* is more than enough
  • ability to reset ascension materials from heroes same as the emblems: everybody has heroes that now are obsolete; so now you have them heroes for life.

Ferme ta bouche de moralisateur a deux francs. Moi je joue depuis 40 a des jeux vidéos et moi je n’ai jamais vu un jeu de pvp aussi nul. Arrete de minimiser l’expérience des autres joueurs. Cet algorithme de guerre est totalement mal calibré et pour les raid c’est pareil. Programmateur va chez Bungie prendre des cours.

Not agreed! SGG makes dream come true, but only their own
P.S. 5000$ will be enough to restoring my enthusiasm (play about 3 years) :slight_smile:

Dis ton avis mais arrête de minimiser tout le monde qui te contredit.

Ton style agressif est mal calibré pour les gens intelligents, peut-être tu devrais le recalibrer.

I’ve been playing since GM was the HOTM. I’ve sunk money into this game and don’t regret it. I’ve had a lot of fun and have a lot of great heroes. Unfortunately lately every decision that has been made by this company about this game seems money driven. I’ve watched so many game friends quit over these decisions. This game is not geared towards the loyal fan base. You spend you advance. The mat drops have decreased tremendously over the years. We have benches of worthless heroes because the new heroes are much more op then their predecessors. Instead of making balance changes they offer costumes that we have to pay for. Instead of a hero reset token we have to let heroes collect dust on our benches. We used to be able to farm atlantis now mat drops during atlantis rises are the equivalent of a regular map stage. If good things happen to often the company nerfs it. They screw up on a food deal and pull it b4 everyone has a chance at the deal. Not very fair. The qol for this game was much better even a year ago. So what can be done? Nothing. When companies lose sight of its customers and focus solely on profit its pretty hard to correct course because even throwing us a little bone will never fill like enough. So after that venting rant what can be done?

  1. hero reset tokens. Maybe offer 1 during Christmas and put the drop rate in elemental chests at a low but not impossible pull rate.

  2. if you are going to add costumes for hotm and season 2 increase the pull rates. I spent a lot trying for GM and Finley. I got them but to spend on a hero I’ve already spent on feels like a money grab. I wish we could trade costumes in the HA for other costumes.

  3. HA needs improved. Ive.gotten 3 non season 1 heroes. Wasting food weekly with barely a chance to get something new is frustrating. Tc 10 for me is worthless. A lot of us have dupes. Why not let us trade in dupes to have a higher % chance at a non season 1 hero. 5 x season 1 trade ins = 100% chance at a non season 1 hero. Let us run 3 lvls. Tying one up on a worthless level 10 isn’t fair.

  4. mat drop rates have been nerfed to a terrible lvl. Same with farming. Drop rates have decreased to a very noticeable level.

There are many more changes that could make the game better but I just don’t see a for profit company caring enough to do it. This game has taken a turn in the wrong direction and has pretty much jumped the shark.







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This I can get behind it’s just getting to a point now where no amount of draws or free hero of choice would suffice. I have said for sometime the s1 hero’s should not be in the s2/3/4 or special event portals period there is no excuse for that. The bonus draw hero’s are great until you pull three of them during the tavern of legends over pulling any of the hero’s from the actual event. ( I have participated since the event first went live and have yet to get a five star from said event ) something has to change with the overall structure of the game to breathe new life into it. I have gotten so bored that I just finally got around to finishing season two been at the final boss for over a year never bothered to even finish it because I got bored.

Offer the players more opportunities to gain final tier ascension materials that is something I think is critically missing from the game out side of special dungeons and spending cash there needs to be other ways I have multiple teams sitting waiting to be ascended.

Change vip a bit I agree with you here how is something I have been thinking about but they could add faster build times or increased food or iron production or if you are vip reduce the cost to build or upgrade buildings/ hero’s/ troops.

I feel like alliance wars have been out of balance for a very long time there needs to be something done in regards to how the wars are run and how certain hero’s are just over powered in wars. The opposing team has the entire advantage with the power ups etc etc.

Adjust the quests and add some more fun events that don’t feel like a chore to compete in. I actually enjoyed the mythic Titans not perfect but definitely has a lot of potential.

They need to stop spamming with so many pop ups it just gets annoying after so long especially with the pull rates for the rarer hero’s being so bad right now.

I have other ideas but those are the main ones


Being a long time paying player to I feel the same. Haven’t got one of the very good heroes the past year, so can’t keep up anymore with the rest. One year ago I was one of the two super players in our ally. Now everybody is passing me. It’s so frustrating the game is so manipulated against me (as I feel it) that I quit everything but the titans. And that I do because I love the ally I am playing in and don’t want to abandon them yet. Don’t do war and toernaments anymore, don’t invest anymore. And if the pleasure is not coming back in the near future I quit the game altogether, because it has to be fun and not becoming more and more frustrating as a result of the fact that the makers lost the feeling with their player base. It seems that these days it’s not about us anymore, but only about the money.


I can tell you the reason not to leave is not because you spent too much already, but because you will spend on the next game you go to, and probably more than you would monthly here. I find, whenever I quite a game I’ve invested a ton of time and money in, I end up spending in the next game. I left Brave Frontier because of the cost, then I went to Magic Rush, and left that because of the cost. When I first got here I spent a lot, and now I just feel like there is no reason. I have a decent stable of five stars, but no ascension material and I refuse to go crazy buying just to make the things I’ve already bought better. That’s actually offensive to me. So my spending has been curbed A LOT thanks to SG’s greedy insistence on making ascension material drops miniscule.

Te AR problem is the current schedule… middle of the week, and less hours… not the drop rate…

dont remove atlantis and valhalla coins from drops, you gave new content yes but let them drop along with newest ones, its not gonna break the game but cmon does it rly come down to using 15 flasks for a single pull during those events (AR and VF)?

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Enthusiasm has dropped for me a lot over time. Late last year I went into a “semi” retirement with the game.

  1. I only spend money on Emblems
  2. I don’t spend on hero pulls anymore. My bench is already full of “OMG Gotta Have it!” heroes that were made “mehh” shortly after. I know the next best thing is always around the corner.
  3. To add to it, Im sitting on 66 unmaxed 5-Stars with enough mats to max 10 of them. Ill treat myself if any color-mat reaches 12 and max one for the heck of it, but I just don’t feel the urgency anymore.

Overall, I think SG has done a good job with the game, but it seems their focus is just to flood us with heroes that overall are just more of the same. Sure, they are a little better or have some sort of new gimmick, but its not enough to excite me.

If SG wants to wow me, they need to show some focus on the game core. Give me some quality improvements. Update the Roster Interface which was inefficient before S2 came out. Rework\update unused heroes (without me having to pull\buy them again).


I think the best would be if diamonds and the different “portal coin” prices are 5 or 10 times higher.
→ 5 or 10 times less pulls and every hero you get has much more worth. Only really rich people will get all the new heros…

And one more thing - We need 1 more hero from each colour and rarity in vanilla.

Funny shizz, on my 3 accounts i have never ever gotten a Domitia, neither from summons or my TC20’s. Also, i got my first Leonidas on one of the 3 through costume chamber.

2 accounts have Richard, 2 have Marjana. All have Thorne. On 3.70.

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Still waiting for my first Dom in 3.5 years playing. :rofl: I spend little, and I shut down my last tc20 last year. Got my first Leo from HA10 this year.

Back to topic, even though the game has been very generous to me lately, it doesn’t help that much for what is major issues: super high power creep/paywall on top of paywall on top of paywall, and lack of reward for player loyalty.

I know that they are finally adding a stage counter, which will be appreciated, but there’s a lot which has built up over the years imho. Please fix Hero Academy!!

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I would like to see some sweeping changes to the game, as well, just so I could enjoy it more – or at least feel that way for a time.

But let’s speculate wildly for a moment and run with the idea that we won’t get most of these things:

  1. the ability to reset heroes for emblems and ascension materials
  2. an increased rate of occurrence for ascension materials
  3. a reduction in the appearance rate of S1 heroes in summons gates and HA10
  4. the ability to more surely “curate” the progression of one’s roster
  5. universal limits on access to new content (removal of the paywall for a given feature/features)

. . . and so on.

Given how reasonable that list of line items we won’t see is, we’re in a set of circumstances that push us in one of a limited set of directions:

A) Choose to pony up the money.
B) Walk away.
C) Find a way to limit our expectations so that we can find a positive line to grasp and pursue.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again –

For me, this game has become all about effective gameplay in its communal aspects: alliance wars, titans, and player mentoring.

My team is 13-2 in wars, so far, because we communicated efficiently as we learned the limits of our various rosters – we now know who can handle what portions of the task of defeating whatever enemy is before us. That collaboration has resulted in some epic victories for each player in the alliance.

We’ve hit our rhythm on titans – with our new influx of talent, we’ve been taking down an unbroken chain of 8* titans, with no sign of having to let up. Our harpoon count is good, and the cycle of players leveling up has helped cover how we juggle our game time with life and work.

Not long ago, I helped on of my teammates realize a critical tool for infrastructure advancement – the training camp queue. The people in his previous alliance had never shared that essential piece of in-game know-how with him! While some of us may have twigged to that trick quickly and early, I make mention of it mostly because it shows clearly the primary thrust of this post:

You’ll like this game more if you share it with like-minded, dedicated players who lay no demands upon your performance.

We might never be a top 100 alliance, but that’s fine. Perhaps none of us will carve out a semipermanent spot in the global leaderboard individually. But I’ve got a TEAM, and they’re good enough for me.


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