Restoring enthusiasm for long term players

Avatars. (Separate post because it’s not really a gameplay improvement.)

Almost all of them are recycled ugly enemies that mostly look all the same. We want our beloved heroes avatars.

We know you want to sell them but something like “kill X hero in raid 50 times” for their avatar would be cool. Most of their faces aren’t for sell anyway.

Costumes artwork is so amazing. S3 artwork is incredible. You’ve got good designers on your side, let’s give them some credit.

There are many pretty 3 and 4☆ heroes in s2 and s3. S4 artwork is a lot complex as well, very pretty until now.

We get Seasonal heroes avatar for completing their missions so why not drop some avatars once in a while for beating TOL and Costumes Quest?

Something simple like an avatar as treat can make us a lot happier.


I’d say that SG has listened to the community, and increased the availability of avatars earnt through game play, such as from seasonal events, and reaching level 100. :sweat_smile: I liked that they just added an avatar for top 1% for total damage in Mythic Titan.

Having written that, I agree with you @Andrie. I’m not a huge fan of many of the S3 farming avatars. Out of the 18 (!) available, there more than a few ugly, even disappointing avatar choices IMHO. :sweat_smile: I know other long term players feel the same.

Can we get a new avatar for win X amount in Diamond raids? What about adding an avatar for killing 500 titans, or even 750 titans? :rofl:

I also like that they include an avatar for POV. What I dislike is that the free POV avatar is normally male. Is it too much to consider switching the HOTM gender more often? That would be something small but appreciated for f2p, and others who do not purchase POV pass.

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And I own both heroes… Oh my! Even though I love my Inari on purple titans for high attack stat, but never using her special skill cause minions waste time on titan (i still have her emblemed, but I’m actually thinking of reseting her), she doesn’t shine anywhere anymore, well she does shine in vfast wars, she’s quite useful there.

It’s really sad, all these changes you mentioned wouldn’t really reduce the profit for devs and they would improve the game for the players…

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How about being able to exchange 2 S1 5* heroes for one of your choice. Been playing over 3 years and still no Liliana

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Of course this is next for SG IMO. In fact, it must be. They got to figure out ways to open those wallets back up for players that have been around for awhile with diminishing spending habits, because, lets face it, they have a massive roster of maxed 5* heroes and have several +20 emblemed heroes. The veteran players need the satisfaction of feeling powerful again. Right now…well…things are just meh for them.

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These have been a mountain of interesting features that have been suggested to add depth to the game. Most recently the idea of caravan raiding was suggested to give players choices about what they do with their bench heroes. It shouldn’t require a lot of additional game architecture, and would ad a new game dynamic for players and NOT being able to use heroes for periods of time.

I’m not sure about fixing wars, raid tourneys, raids etc… In general, because I don’t know how it’s structured now. It seems like some weeks it’s fine, and then for others it’s weeks and weeks of awful. Almost makes me wonder if they group teams and players by past performances and then reorganize them after a round robin of those teams in their pool. Even transparency about that would be an interesting improvement.

I’m not going to suggest muc in terms of summoning, because that’s the SG golden goose. I don’t want a pitty timer that allows you to summon to a threshold and give you a choice about what you get. Say, the first 10 summons on a portal gives you the option of taking a specific 3* hero from the portal, the next 25 summons gives you a 4* hero, and then 70 summons gives you a 5*. That would put a lot more 5* heroes in circulation, which might be a bad thing for people who dislike playing against Black Knight Frigg Odin, because guess which heroes would be selected?

What I would like would be proper emoticons in the in-game chat. The ability to opt players out of wars without booting them. More ways to have fun in the world that they have created.

I want to have fun here. Whatcha got for fun? Whatcha got to mitigate.the headaches? That’s the sweet spot to player engagement.

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Thanks for posting this. Took away the need for me to make a long post b/c you basically said everything I’ve been saying fir 2 years. Well done sir.

I’d add 1 major item. A hero reset token. It would reset the hero chosen back to 1/1 but it would return the 4th tier ascension mats.(including food)


May be costume for Ninja heroes to able to fully charge mana with 3 tiles, every players crazy for them and huge buying gems for summoning. Sounds exciting right ? What the… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just going to throw in, RE: the so-called sunk cost “fallacy”…

It’s not really a fallacy. I invested time and money into this game, thinking that some day I would eventually have a great roster. That was my goal.

Two and a half years later, I have an okay roster. It’s not nearly as nice as I’d hoped it would be at this point, but it’s also pretty damn good compared to what I started with. My goal was to make it even better, and since E&P is “allegedly” supposed to be a long game anyway, I figured I had plenty of time still to do so.

And yes, a part of me still wants to “finish” what I started. I’m tired of picking up random games and hobbies, then getting bored and putting them down before feeling like I had accomplished what I originally set out to do. Call it OCD if you want, but the word “fallacy” suggests that it’s somehow untrue that I would be throwing away all of that time and money invested by simply quitting. It’s 100% true, it would be a waste. The time investment I suppose I could excuse as time spent having “fun” - though a big part of that fun for me was seeing my roster slowly get stronger. The money spent, I cannot excuse. At this point, I have to try to get my money’s worth, or else I have to walk away and conclude that my entire experience here was just a waste of time and a really bad investment. And that’s not a good feeling to have.

Using the logic of the “sunken cost fallacy”, I suppose I should trade in my car for a new one every couple of years… even though I’ll lose thousands of dollars by doing so. Because why bother trying to get my money’s worth out of what I’ve already paid for when there’s a shiny new toy that I can throw away more money on? Just consider that money gone and who cares? Maybe some people can operate that way, but I abhor wasting money like that. Only reason I invested into this game as much as I did is because I expected to continue to get enjoyment out of it for a long time to come. Had I known then what I know now, I would have uninstalled long before spending money and making this game a part of my life.

There will of course come a day when it’s no longer part of my life, but until then, I’m going to milk the game for what little entertainment I can still get out of it, just as they are milking us for every last dollar we’re willing to give them. Eventually one or both sides will decide we’ve had enough, and the servers will go dark, and all of our “investments” will disappear in the blink of an eye, as if they had never even existed in the first place. But I at least want to be able to say that I accomplished something and got some of my money’s worth before it all ended. That sounds a lot better to me than saying “I spent over a hundred dollars and many hours buying and upgrading heroes for a fantasy RPG Candy Crush clone, then just up and deleted it on a whim because I got bored.” What a freaking waste that would be.


Underwild summon: season 1 heroes are the base of all summons with the event or season heroes added to it, we are not planning to change that for season 4 despite some feedback.

Seems like we have to put our hopes oh hold 'till season 5 boys :face_vomiting:

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Well it’s not the “so called Sunk cost fallacy” it’s an actual thing.

Your example of a car is exactly on point. You’ve spent $1000 fixing it and gosh darn it the silly thing breaks again. Will cost another $1000 to fix it and you decide that as you’ve already spent $1000 recently you kinda have to make that spend work out…by spending the same amount again…and most likely again.

You can end up spending a similar amount to what you could have spent buying a new car.

That’s the very essence of the idea. Humans make decisions based on past events. The idea is that you don’t consider the sunk cost and you look at the scenario with a fresh perspective.

Just because someone has spent say $5000 on Empires and Puzzles should not be a reason to keep playing it. That money is gone. The decision to keep playing should be taken on today’s view.

But we don’t do this very often hence phrases like “chucking good money after bad” even existing in the first place.


I think a lot also depends on what people consider their “moneys worth” from this game.

For me with my spending mainly being from during lockdown, my moneys worth is that it relieved boredom and was a source of relaxation during that time period. Once lockdowns finally end and the world becomes more normal again my money will go back to watching Ayr United again (anyone who watches Scottish football with any regularity will know this isnt exactly the dictionary definition of “fun”) and my spend and play time on here will reduce again.

I have a decent roster that allows me to compete at my own level, I am never going to get 6 one shots every war or consistently be in the top 100 or finish in top 1% of tournaments and I’m fine with that (actually I am happy enough with it that if I were to just max out the heroes I have I wouldnt be overly bothered about getting new ones) I dont expect to place better than I do. My only competition is with myself eg finish higher each time on Ninja tower (next goal is lvl 45) and instead of just getting completion reward in monthly event try to get into a bracket this time round in epic ( then beat that next time)

Posted under ‘Ideas’ part of the forum last night (mods please feel free to delete the original).

It seems patently obvious that SG have messed with the RNG that generates boards for war. I feel there is no skill whatsoever involved in how “well” you play a war board now, just more of the same sheer pot luck. Around a year or more ago, you did at least get SOME tiles. Now I can take mono, 4:1 or 3:2, it really doesn’t matter, I’ll get absolute turds of boards all war long. So why are SG doing this? To keep lesser powered teams and players interested? What do they think that’s going to do for the motivational level of long term players?

One other thing - as a player for 2.5 years the game seems like a never ending money grab. Anything of value hidden behind paywall after goddamn paywall. Waiting 3+ months to get ONE 4* mat because the spawn rate is so low.
And the worst thing about the war algorithms and RNG is, if this is how SG treat long term players with higher powered teams, I would be very willing to bet there is a FLOOD of players leaving the game. It is a crass and disgraceful way to treat loyal players. I can think of no other business that would sh*t on loyalty the way SG do. I feel my days playing this game are numbered.


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But I’m not fixing my old car, it still runs just fine. It’s already paid for. The moment it begins costing me more to repair than it would to buy a new one, that is when I’ll buy a new one. Buying a new car when the old one still runs fine is kind of foolish.

My E&P heroes still work, but they are starting to get mowed over more and more. And I’m not going to keep spending more to try to keep up. But the heroes I already have, I already paid for. I’m not spending any more on them. I should at least use them for as long as they are still viable, right? Or I guess I should say, as long as I still enjoy using them…

I’m at a crossroads right now, debating whether I should take a temporary break from the game, keep playing very casually, or delete it altogether. Deleting it altogether would be like throwing my heroes in the trash - I don’t want to do that. Because if I decide later that I ever want to play again, there is no way in hell I’d want to start back over from scratch. Good lord, I think I’d rather walk a quarter mile over hot burning coals than do that.

As for what I consider to be my “money’s worth”? Well considering that I usually spend less than $100 on most of the games I play, and I’ve spent over $100 on this one and still don’t have access to even 10% of the heroes in the game… I don’t really think I’ll ever get what I consider to be my “money’s worth”. But I’m also not about to just throw away what little I do have.


Agree with most of what you said… but in all honesty I get a little excited every time I win a rope these days. HA3 be a hungry beast


Ah, I wouldn’t know… my HA has been under construction for what seems like a month, trying to get it up to 10 so that I can hopefully switch out my dupe 5s for… probably other dupe 5s. :roll_eyes: Then I can go back and forth with that for a couple of months, turning dupes into dupes and back into other dupes, before I finally throw my hands in the air and uninstall.


If I were you TGW I would just take a temporary break and see how you feel. As newer and newer heroes get released, it seems unlikely that the power and ability curve will flatten out, let alone lessen. Harder, better, faster, stronger, to quote Daft Punk, who ironically disbanded recently. The game’s idea of “fairness” is that you get the same odds of summoning HOTM whether you spend £1 or £1,000, but that’s probably a whole new subject of debate, and I’m sure some statistically minded players will wheel out their data. What I find insane is that this idea of “fairness” applied to war boards means a low 4100 team is capable of one shotting my 4600 team, at inferior level troops. How is that even possible? Unless, of course, SG want to make it interesting as I said in my post above, by giving everyone a chance to win. The problem is, it does zero to motivate long term players, or anyone looking to progress in the game. If secretly, you knew that the path to “success” never ended, wouldn’t you be a bit more recalcitrant about pumping money into the developer’s coffers?

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Agree on not deleting though. I still kept my golf clubs just in case :joy:

Though tbh I’d had happily chucked them in the lake when the day came that I snapped.

So watching people do the whole Viking funeral on their rosters fills me with pain


I’ve one shotted a number of 4600+ teams using teams as low as 3700 (mono)… but those were mostly original heroes on the defense teams. Some of these newer heroes are insane, especially when grouped together. The original TellyVela combo was bad, but I could still kill them on a good day… then they got nerfed, and now we have even worse combos that probably won’t get nerfed, especially not since they’re already in the process of releasing even worse heroes.

I still don’t understand the idea of having to “buy” heroes in the first place. Once I’ve spent a set amount of money, I’ve essentially “bought” the game. Why do I still have to keep paying more in order to access the rest of the content?

And no, by content, I do not mean map stages. That’s not content. That’s the same content on different backgrounds over and over again. The real “content” in this game are the heroes themselves. They are what makes the game interesting. If you can’t get most of the heroes without spending a fortune… is that even a game? I guess it is, in a way, but that’s a game for rich people. Don’t call it a “free game” if it’s specifically tailored to people with vast fortunes to spend, that is misleading on so many levels.

But no… I won’t be doing any Viking funerals for my roster. I paid for them and invested lots of hours into them. They may not technically belong to me, but I’m the one who fed them from infancy into emblemhood. Call them virtual foster children, or whatever. One does not simply put all of that time and money into building something, just to one day up and say “meh, I’m bored with this,” and smash it all to pieces. I will never understand how or why anybody would willingly and knowingly do something like that. Unless they realized that the whole thing was a mistake, and they swear to themselves never to do it again… but in the case of a game like this?

It appears that for many of you, this is not your first rodeo in the microtransaction RNG gacha mobile phone battle game app territory, or whatever it is that you call this… what blows my mind is how some people can spend thousands on this game, then the next day turn around and say “meh, I’m bored”, delete it… then download another game exactly like it and do it all over again. Like… what? Didn’t you learn your lesson the first time??? You want to talk about throwing good money after bad… holy crap. I will never again spend on a game with this game’s model. Fool me once, shame on you…

EDIT: and side note @Cheds … at least with those golf clubs, if you do decide you never want to golf again, you can at least sell the clubs. People pay good money for stuff like that, even used ones that have been tossed into lakes.


A well-featured 5 * hero who doesn’t come out of nowhere to anyone who reaches a certain level

this is promising

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