Restoring enthusiasm for long term players

What would it take? I think I keep playing because I feel like all the money I’ve spent would be wasted if I quit. I think if they gave a choice of any 5* in the game or 100 free pulls in any event or something of that magnitude would restore my enthusiasm.
Any thoughts on this?


“It’s a journey, not a destination”


Honestly, I’ll take the simple route.

If the gameplay is no longer interesting to you, then it’s time to stop playing the game.


No one-off giveaway would suffice.

This is my shopping list:

  • a renewing of irrelevant content like standard quests so they are suitable for players of all levels

  • reducing or phasing out S1 heroes from portals

  • a mechanism to give value to duplicate heroes

  • improved dialogue from Staff and collaboration with beta testers (this has improved a little recently)

  • a reduction in pop ups and junk offers

  • a revamp of VIP

  • a published hit list of minor QoL tweaks

These all increase pull factors and reduce push factors - keeping everything fun and relevant is much more valuable than if they gave me a maxxed Frigg or 100 epic hero tokens.


What I want:

  • an actual realistic chance to pull heroes I don’t already have
  • a realistic chance to get the ascension materials I need to finish the heroes I do have
  • balanced war matchmaking
  • rewards that are worth the effort - don’t make me waste tons of flags and battle items killing a titan or finishing a quest just for a leaf and a rope

Honestly, any one of those changes would drastically improve my mood and opinion of the game.


Would you settle for the idea of a ‘pity timer’ - where odds accumulate?


Two things that I think would help some of the players that have been around a while stay more engaged is:

• Add missions and side features that aren’t the normal grind of events and quests. Not just avatar missions but something that requires a skill set or strategy to complete. Killing 2000 of the same monster isn’t a challenging mission. Grueling really.

• Create a way to deal with the duplicates to justify some of the money spent over the last 3+ years. Could be something like a rare monster in season 4 that drops a “Trade coin” that needs to be combined with three or four 5* duplicates that gets transmuted into a past HOTM or Event hero. (Would help players desire to complete season 4 levels while addressing duplicate at the same time)

Just some food for thought…


@NittanyLionRoar gave some great ideas in one of his videos, that I agree with. Give us more choices! We are still at the mercy of RNG and that has made the game stale.


For me now, honestly, I am happy with the “play the game” side of things.
That’s because I have come to accept the TOR for the game and I also accept that I have a slim chance of getting heroes I want or mats I need etc but the odds are there for all to see.
If I didn’t have fun playing the game or if I found it too frustrating etc. I would simply say goodbye and move on… I recently sort of did that when I said I would retire from the forum max out what heroes I had left and then stop playing at the end if S3.
I didn’t see the point of staying if I felt I had come to the end of the road with a GAME…
But then SG announced the impending “quality of life stuff” … so that’s kept my interest.
So to keep my enthusiasm in staying on, SG can you please:

  • let us know what it is you have badged as quality of life stuff
  • let me do something better with all these duplicate 5 star heroes
  • allow me to swap heroes and mats with alliance colleagues
  • cut down on the wait times for HA10 and building upgrades etc

My fingers and toes are crossed


I would settle for a pity timer as long as it guaranteed a non-duplicate. I certainly do not need any more Richards.

Would also add… I’d like a pity timer for both summons and TC20s, separately. One would think that running two TC20s simultaneously should yield more than 1 legendary hero every 4 months. The fact that I managed to pull c. Vivica from costume chamber this month does NOT excuse the fact that my so-called “legendary training” has been basically “Dawa training” for 4 straight months. If I wanted 3* feeders, I would use the much cheaper and faster guaranteed rare option.


Balanced war and tournament matches would be… the minimum to do.

A decent roster to organize large number of heroes because it’s a true hell.

Turn duplicate 4* and 5* into emblems.

Review food, iron and recruits I missions rewards and distribution to level 60+ players.

I won’t even waste my time talking about obvious things so I’ll list them:

• titan and titan chest loots are so useless 99,5% of the time (When was the last time u got a 4* material from them or at least paid the items used?)
• raids and their trophies uselessly,
• raid chest being trash,
• s1 hero balancing and duplicates fix.
• they say elemental chests weren’t nerfed so if that’s true, buff them. It’s soooo tiring to get 2x boots and 3 silver coins every time after a huge job.
• abusive 7 days cooking time for retraining. Just because something is free doesn’t means it should be that much critically hard to deal to the point it gets almost useless. Not forgetting it was introduced to deal with dupes & that didn’t happened. Not saying it should be 2 days. 5 is enough, mostly considering the 5% chance of a non-s1 that can be a dupe.

Mostly: stop releasing 20 heroes per month and setting their power up to the sky. That’s ridiculous. Just showing how desperate you are for money.

Oh also remove those non-s1 costumes from beta nobody wants them. From newbies to whales.

Pretty much everything we’ve been asking for 4 years and they keep ignoring.


I actually enjoy the stories on the different seasons. I don’t like going through the same levels on “hard” . Maybe if hard had ANOTHER story on top of “easy”, that’d be pretty neat.

I would also like to see more “achievements” or badges. Maybe they could do another building that is like a trophy hall and you can see all those stats from when you select your avatar, but they also have all the missions you’ve accomplished, badges for getting into the top 100 in raids or completing events or WINNING challenges. Some way to look at it.

I loved the addition of “Battles” but we need to have some record of it as well. I couldn’t give a darn about strangers raiding my base, but if I got a notification that said one of my alliance mates destroyed me and what lineup they used, that’d be pretty fun.

It feels like there’s a lot to do in the game lately. The addition of S4 is going to really make things feel like a grind in order to avoid FOMO. I think there needs to be a trade in system for S2 heroes (not just 5* in HA so that younger players can use their coins and older players can have a shot at heroes they don’t have yet) and we need to do away with Atlantis Rises and turn Vallhalla Forever into the loot and resources frenzy.

The last thing that I would enjoy is to be able to “opt out” of certain things. I hate ninja tower and I’m not too fond of the Goblin Balloon. If we could just be like “mmm no thanks” and not see the pop ups or options or anything, that’d be great.


This is actually one of my key drivers. And not having found a great alternative yet. But even this won’t be enough anymore one day, rather sooner than later. I’m C2P over three years in the game. I’ve reached a point where so many parts of the game just feel like pointless work. I haven’t got a useful hero to work on for months and basically all my heroes maxed including many duplicates. I wish I would find more meaning again in this one awesome game!


I’ve got 5 Domitias, 4 Leonidas, and 4 Justice. I’d like to get a Richard or a Marjana lol.

A pity timer. A guaranteed hero every 30 summons would be nice. A portal where you aim for a specific hero. Dunno, just posting ideas I’ve seen in other games.


Ahh the good old Sunk Cost Fallacy

If you don’t enjoy something the best thing you can do is walk away. Irrespective of the money you have put in.

I spent lots of Golf back in the mid 2000’s. Being in the golf set was the Corporate thing to do back then after all. I spent lots…and lots…and by 2010 I just absolutely hated every aspect of it and the only reason I played was because it was 3 hours of banter with my mate. Then he got redeployed with his work to another country and the new people I played with were zero fun.

I came home one day in 2010 after a particularly horrible round, put the clubs under the stairs and I’ve never touched them since. It took about 4 weeks of not playing to see just how much more enjoyable my Saturdays had become.

So if you aren’t enjoying this then what you have spent should not be the reason you keep toiling at it.


THANK YOU to you and all the others who gave constructive suggestions, instead of just being “well if you don’t like it anymore, don’t play it” :wink:

I would add -

  1. regular reviews to ensure S1 heroes are still relevant (they don’t need to be as powerful as HOTMs or challenge event heroes, but at least the power gap should not be so big)

  2. better drop rates for Atlantis coins and Valhalla coins at least (and would welcome better rates for Challenge coins) - many non-spenders still don’t have tons of heroes from these portals

to be fair, I am still decently enthusiastic - recent things like the new raid formations have helped keep things interesting. But yes, things could be better!


Just a few ideas:

  • non-gem ability to reset troops!! :rofl:
  • non-gem ability to reset heroes!!! :rofl::rofl:
  • allow emblem reset token to partially reset
  • improve level-up reward. 10 gems and a silver token don’t go far. Neither does a one or two extra hero slots :sweat_smile:
  • revert all challenge events back to 10 stages per tier
  • improve HA!! Let us run three at once. Reduce re-training time for HA10
  • option to opt out of Goblin Balloon
  • update tc20 with new heroes, such as S2 :thinking:
  • shelve costumes for non-S1 heroes, or at least start out with the oldest HOTMs :rofl::rofl::rofl:

:rofl: = I know this is dreaming


Lol, Quality of life, lol, ahhhhhh ha ha, what… What… WHAT WHAT quality of life, honestly, 3 single words released by SGG/Zynga… YET we are all still being ingorned, we’re all struggling with frustration, SO MANY PEOPLE giving such great and innovative ideas, awesome fixes,SO MANY PEOPLE expressing discontent and concerns yet we’re all still ignored, nothing improved… AKA Quality of life, what quality of life, we’re miserable cause of what you have done to damage to the game and insulting your playerbase with poor rewards and non fixes eg HA10 and many aspects in the game, yet you’re quick to kill off overnerf hero’s , NOT balance the game by buffing older heros to bring inline with the seriously op hero’s you have released and now new costumes for already op hero’s sitting to be released INSTEAD OF IMPROVING QUALITY OF LIFE…JOKE
Im so discouraged atm, even war today, epic fail, 3 unplayable boards, like, OK, skill, great hero’s, or using the heroes you have , whatever, but to start off and had me a total unplayable board and continue with only 3 tiles and that’s it, hmm thanks, totally made my day, total quality of life

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Free pulls or a free hero are for short time motivation only, like a one time payment at work. I’d say @JonahTheBard has some good ideas.


Fix the damn war ! All heroes very fast and i get all the wrong tiles. I am set to lose from the start.

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