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I have an alliance called ~{Neverland}~ I created the alliance over 4½ years ago. Currently I am the only person in it. My team is at “Member” status. The alliance leader deceased 11/12/2021. I want to rebuild and take over as leader. Is there any way this can be done? The leader acct had been inactive approx 4-5 months.

Short answer - currently no.

You can start your own alliance - you can even call it Neverland and build from there.


first of all condolences on this loss, different alliances but we are still E&P family

i think this might clarify the issue for you

inactive leader can be demoted after 60 days of inactivity but a replacement has to be eligible
the eligibility: co-leader or elder

if currently you are a member and if i got it right, the only member left, i think there is no way to deal with this other than rebuilding.


Yo Blink you the only one that took the time to actually read what I wrote…I created the alliance 4½ years ago. Om the only one in it except the alliance leader and he passed away. Thete are no elders or co leaders. I can’t rebuild with leadership permissions. Is there a way to manually move my team back to leader?

From my understanding, there is none i am afraid.
Since you are only a member, nothing can be done for this alliance…
Let see if we can have someone more knowledgeable give insight @Petri can you please advise on this?


Firstly, condolences for the loss of your former leader.

@Blink0805 shared the link to the thread I would have linked as well. And I felt it was self explanatory so didn’t repeat what he’d already covered.

As the thread states, if the leader is inactive, for 60 days a new leader is chosen from the usual alliance hierarchy co-lead, elder…however if no player holds these ranks, the leader remains. However, perhaps there is a way around it if you can prove you are the founder of the alliance :thinking:.
You could try submitting a support ticket…


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Not worth the trouble of contacting support and waiting for feedback. Start a new alliance, call it the same, enjoy the game.

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Are there any suggestions on how to prove I founded the alliance? What is acceptable proof?

Ian if your not contributing to assist me with a way to recover my alliance, then your hindering my goal.

Whilst the response might be a bit sharp he’s not wrong really. Reviving the alliance will be nigh on Impossible so it’s better to call it lost and restart a new one with the same name. As a member you can’t do anything.

As above, condolences on the loss but bar sitting in as a member still the alliance is effectively frozen

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No way. This game builded as cemetery of old alliances even if all members are inactive more than 2+ years

I can’t understand why would one try to ressurect a dead alliance, rather than starting fresh, but if you don’t want to share your thoughts on the matter, I won’t pry… I am, actually trying to spare you from a lot of pointless effort… you can take a hint from what experienced players answered here, or you can pursue this… quest… to the end, only to understand you wasted your time and energy… the choice is yours after all, it’s your party… but, before moving forward, perhaps you should take the time to gather some intel, read around the forum a bit, search for inactive leadership or dead alliances topics, better understand what wild goose chase you’re willingly getting into…


The only proff would be you been there for time duration snice the alliance was started… Being you have spend gems to get a alliance started they could maybe track back that you spent the gems to start the alliance… Only way to find out would be sending a support ticket as others have mentioned…
Give as much information as possible… if you can recall the round about time you created the alliance that be a great help… Happy holidays


best is to contact support and if they can’t make you leader, at least disband (if that is what you want) the aliance so you can create the exact one
if you want to be leader and the current leader still to be kept into the alliance, i suggest you to be specific in your support ticket; i hope you will ‘meet’ an emphatic person who will take care of it

i hope you manage to fix it the you want; take care!

p.s @Ian487 i don’t know if this is the case, but sometimes this game is about some feelings people develop over the time which can’t be linked to rational and objectiv thinking; just saying :slight_smile:

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