Restore account?


Hello. I had a problem updating to 1.8 so I deleted and reinstalled. I seem to have lost my account and the game started over for me. Is there anyway to retire my old account? I thought this game used a server? Please help me if you can. Thank you


и мне тоже помогите восстановить аккаунт


Were you logged with game center? That is needed for it to sync it. If not, you will lose progress if you uninstall and reinstall the game. There should be a copy on the server but game doesn’t know that.

You should contact support.


а как в нее обратиться


The same for me here. There must be a bug in this update


If you delete your game and you didn’t have your game to connected Game Center, you will, unfortunately, lose your progress.

We highly recommend to enable Game Center on iOS devices (or Google Play on Android), as it is the only way to save, sync and recover progress.

If you lost your progress, please contact us via this form: Please remember to attach as much information as possible, including your new account identifier.

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Thank you for your response Petri. I followed your instructions and contacted support. I am still awaiting action on the part of Small Giant.


@Petri: Are there instructions in Russian or support? I only have the English form for them to fill out. :confused:


Rook… I don’t know how to combine threads. Is there a way to merge all these update issues into one location? Otherwise we are answering the same thing repeatedly. People aren’t looking to see that they are making duplicate threads. Any ideas? Thank you


I believe @Coppersky can merge them. I don’t have those powers yet. :wink: