Temporary home for serious players who currently don’t have enough time for the game.


Sorry. The first thing that came to mind about the name is a cemetery.


Haha, the name “Rest area” is already in use.

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@Edmoun Hey Buddy,
How are you doing?
I can only recommend this save place for experienced players who just want to calm down.

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@Talakas1 Thanks mate, im good just busy.I thought about going back to RD for a while, but after 1 and half years of play i made the greatest sin in the game 2 times, i didnt used my attacks in war :grimacing: I dont want to screw up my clanmates fun again therefore made this 1 person alliance.

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You know the policy my friend of unused war flags.Never the less the door is always open for you in case you want to rejoin.
Maybe in the future I will join you for a vacation time.

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