Rest button for map progress


I farm a lot, like almost everyone else. It gets boring. I feel a simple way to add a little bit of fun to to be able to reset your progress in the campaign. I would enjoy replaying the entire map again with all of the character stories and dialog.


You mean like a toggle switch? Or a permanent reset?


Perm reset. Granted, if you beat it once the second time is much easier.


Well you can simply replay it from 1-1…


True, but it would be nice to see all the “story” stuff again. I don’t remember a lot of the early stuff about Vivica’s little dragons. Now that I have her in my team I kinda want to read them again.

Also I would not have to remember what level I was on.


as long as those outposts don’t get reset!

An alternative is to get someone to take a video capture and have it put up on Avicious’s website!


Oh, good point. Forgot that…

Actually, I would be ok with that., but good point