Respec token

I think it would be interesting to see respec tokens.

Respec (respecialization) token will allow a player to reassign an x-number of stat scores from a hero, following a 1-1-2 ratio of att-def-HP.
Let’s say we create 1*-5* tokens, allowing to reassign 10-50 stat scores on a hero. For example, I have a Grimm with 716/531/1132 stats. I apply a 3* respec token (30-stat scores). I remove 16 from attack and 28 from HP (worth 14 units because of conversion), 30 stat scores total, and invest them in defense. Now, I have a Grimm with 700/561/1104. A token can be used only once on each hero, so the most possible variation could be 50 on att and def, and 100 on HP. That would prevent ridiculously skewed heroes.

I think it would liven up the gameplay with different setups that players come up with. Think of some of the heroes who are so skewed in their stats (Scarlett, Gormek etc.). Now you can have your favorite hero with more balance.

It’s an interesting idea but Gormek? Mine is emblemed to make him passable but he IS balanced! :grinning:


Not to dampen the idea but isn’t this kinda what the Emblems do already?

By applying emblems you can choose which Stats you want to add to and which ones you wish to ignore…?


I don’t know…with 12 emblems, his attack and defense are both below unemblemed Burt. Considering that a Ramming Pulverizer is a sniper skill, such abysmal attack is not what I’d call impressive for an emblemed 4* sniper.

Now, Imagine if you lowered his HP by a 100 (with a 5* token), and distributed them to his attack…you’d have a 681/601/1366 Gormek. Which would you choose as the pulverizer? I’d go for attack stats because to me, Gormek’s stats and special are not matched well. Just my opinion, though.

Remember the qualifier in my statement “passable”!! :laughing:

On the @Anchor tankiness scale, Tibsey and Gormek are pretty much neck and neck although the Tiburtus attack is 15% more powerful with fewer emblems. Tiburtus is, without doubt, the superior hero.

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In a way, they do, but you distribute additional stats. What if you don’t want additional stats to better someone but want to rebalance base stats, instead. I think it’s a lot more versatile than emblems. Emblems are good way to continue leveling up your hero, this is more of a specializing them for different roles.

He definitely is passable, I’m not arguing with that. I just don’t know if I’d spend 12 levels worth of emblems to have a passable hero haha. I would be hard pressed to find a non-passable hero with 12 emblems on them :slight_smile:

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He was the only worthy battler i had! Pretty tragic I know!

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Sounds a bit like you want a new feature just to balance Gormek :smiley:

I agree with guvnor, it is almost the same as emblems. I think the game wouldn’t really benefit from two so similar features.

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No shame in bad luck, my man. You gotta work with what you got, and you’re doing great with it. Can’t wait to see what he’s like fully emblemed. That HP is insane.

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I don’t even have Gormek haha. And I think it’s quite different. I think it can make some heroes who are not “worth the emblems” become worth the emblems. I think it can also benefit a lot of F2P and C2P players if they can do it before maxing the heroes. Maybe you want your healer more survivable (Melendor, Sabina), maybe you want your sniper pack a better punch (Gormek, Richard). Sometimes I kill Joon before he gets a chance to go off, and I barely got into Platinum. Maybe I don’t need Godly killing power, maybe I want Joon with just a bit more defense. For an F2P or a C2P player, they’d have to wait a long time to ascend Joon before they can apply those emblems.

I think emblems have some major limitations:

  1. Path - what if I want 30 points in attack instead of 15 in attack and 15 in defense?
  2. Maxed players only - there are many players who are deemed not worthy of maxing. Why not readjust them?
  3. Emblems only enhance the stats at different ratios, but they do not redistribute base stats. Enhancing your hero to compete at a higher level and specializing your hero to fit a specific role in your formation are different things strategically.

Your intentions might be good. But I already see the whole community outraged cause they will see it the other way around. No matter what SG introduces to the game, it will pretty much always be seen as making it harder for ftp - whether this is the case or not.

When I read this I heard Mick Jagger singing… :musical_note: You can’t always get what you want… :notes:

That’s even pretty much the concept of the game. Why would they change it?

And still, I don’t see a big difference to emblems. And about heroes “not worth embleming”: That’s something pretty subjective. Especially it should be different for ftp and ptw. My Azlar has 14 emblems by the way and eats Tellurias for breakfast, and I am not even ftp. Without emblems he would die to soon, but with he often survives long enough (even with atk-path) to kill 4 enemies at once when his special is loaded. Isn’t that exactly what you are asking for? Also, I really don’t see why a hero should suddenly be so much more emblem-worthy just because i swapped 30 points from def to atk…

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I guess we’ll agree to disagree. If they had offered me than option in a deal, I’d pay money for it. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t mind a less tanky Sonya with a better punch, a Melendor with less tile damage who can survive. I think it can diversify how players use their heroes and bring diversity to the game. It’s one thing to achieve it when your heroes are maxed, it’s another thing to do it on the way there. Plus, like you said, people will complain no matter what, but I don’t see how F2P and C2P people will see the ability to alter your hero without maxing them as an affront to their choices. If anything, it allows them to enjoy the game more at their level.

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Actually, if you want to compare it to emblems, the better comparison would be the reset emblem. That’s what it does, it allows you to redo it in case you are not satisfied with your choices. I’m merely suggesting a reset emblem for some of the base stats to bring diversity.
In an RPG, when you get leveled up, you can distribute points throughout different attributes to create your own unique build. It’s what makes them so cool, being able to create your own version of a character. How popular would RPGs be if they didn’t have the choice to distribute those stats? Not nearly as popular, I bet.

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