[RESOVLED - V38 Update] Finley Chain Not "breaking" when he misses

Creating this thread as it will undoubtably pop up soon.


Finley’s chain used to stop when one of his strikes missed. In V37 however, his chain will carry on past the miss until it gets to one of the other “stop” triggers (target has no buffs or no more targets left).

Note that “missed” enemeis will not get the defence debuff.


Essentially, in fixing the Alfrike cube missing bug the developers introduced a new bug as they changed the “chain” mechanic.

Fix Timeline

The devs are aware of the issue and actually know how to fix/ patch this. However they are delaying the roll-out of the fix in order to do additional testing to ensure no additional bugs are introduced.

Hopefully the resolution will be in a patch (say V37.1); but if not V38 is the latest.


Oh good. So much for using Bai Yeong as a counter.

Do you have any information about Sir Roostley’s skill, which have a “chain” mechanic similar to Finley?
His chaining also ends if he is blind and misses one of the heroes.

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I’m not sure, wasn’t noted but I’m sure someone will report back sometime soon.

Love a robust testing strategy and strong adherence to acceptance criteria…

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I can confirm that Sir Roostley’s chain still breaks if the hit misses (through blind) or is dodged (e.g. C.Kad’s ability)
I think this has something to do with the ability to give a status effect as is the case with Finley (defense down) and Alfrike (mindless attack).


Video link to highlight what @Guvnor is referring to. I use c.Kad’s dodge in both instances but it also works with a blind effect like Drake/ Joon/ Thor etc.
v 37 Finley at 26:50 Equalizer Wars vs Billionaire Club - YouTube
v 36 Finley at 20:45 Pacifist War Hits with a GummyBear (vs. Aggressive) - YouTube

As expected fixed in V38 Update:

Maybe you could update google play to show the new update. Mine still shows the update from April 29th

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