Resources refunded with emblems

Will the amount of resources refunded be based on the amount you spent or the new lowered emblem path amounts?


some folks have tried it and seems they are function of the new grid costs.



maybe somethin else that needs noted in release note before we have another dumpster fire?

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It is stated here:

Reset Emblem Improvement

Reset Emblems will be updated to refund 20% of the Food and Iron costs in addition to the Emblems. The refund is calculated using the new Iron & Food costs.

Hope this helps to clarify!


ah guess i missed it

still early here



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Has anyone confirmed that it goes directly back to inventory? Meaning, you need to have the space to store it all when using the reset emblem? What happens if you don’t have enough room- does it give you what you have space for or do you forfeit all of it?


think @Guvnor answered this somewhere

How it works:

  • Any amount which is in excess of a 10k mark goes straight to storage
  • All other resources are provided back in the form of Food and Iron bundles

For example, if you were to be getting 568,161 food back you would get:

  • 1x 500k bundle
  • 1x 50k bundle
  • 1x 10k bundle
  • 8,161 food to storage.

My previous message @rigs was just a guess (a wrong one as it turns out) :slight_smile:


Hero among men. Thank you!!!

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Do you mean “excess of 10k” of “less than 10k” which goes to storage?

As I read it (and I did have to re-read it) it’s because the bundles are only 10k or larger. So anything that can’t be bundled because it’s smaller than 10k - anything that’s in “excess of” the bundled quantity - is what goes into your inventory. >10k is your currency notes, <10k is your small change :wink:

I understood that from the example. I was just inquiring because the wording of that sentence seems opposite. Imho, it should say “Anything less than 10k goes to the food storage, rest goes in food bundles”… something like that :slight_smile:

Edited my post above to make the explanation fit with Guvnor’s wording, but you put it very clearly.

Anyway, it’s good news that hardly anything goes to waste regardless of one’s storage capacity. Looks like they’ve actually put some (gasp) thought into this!

I can totally agree with this part. It’s a nice bit of well thought out mechanics. :slight_smile:


Not really,

What I meant with the wording was if you consider all big numbers broken down into 10k brackets.

Each bracket forms a “mark” on the number line.

Anything in excess of the last “mark” on the line goes into storage.

“Anything in excess of a 10k mark”

But the number line starts from zero right? Anyway, too much confusion, let’s leave it.

0*10k = 0 :stuck_out_tongue:

So yes, anything between 0 & 10k is in excess of the first mark on the number line :smiley:

Anyways, that was the reason I put in the example. To clarify any confusion which may have arrisen.

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