Resource Grinding-Tickets, Auto, or Manual Attacks

Hello all. This is ski-ski again just asking a simple question of resource gathering. How does everyone perform getting bulk resources. Are they using the old manual form of battle after battle, or are they using tickets and cash them out for quick resources. Or using the cost effective auto battle instead of performing the manual Battles yourself?

I myself utilized tickets. I know that has a cost associated with it but you can do it in bulk. You wait for double resources or use a harvester of type item like Omni and that will rake in dozens of the resource when you attack the specific location.

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My resource gathering varies depending on situation.

During AR, I set a limit of 100 loot tickets and do mass gatherings that way, on S2-1-* to make progress on my backpack goal.
After I hit my loot ticket limit, or during normal times, I use auto-battle and burn through WE. I’ve been focusing on 1-5-8 lately for the increased backpacks, low cost and no worries about which team I might accidentally send; I have accidentally sent development team 2 (4*+3*) into S4 stages and it didn’t go well :grinning:
When I want to burn WE faster, if I don’t have s4 stages or challenge stages to do (which might be manual or automatic), I’ll farm the avatar levels of S2/S3/S4 with my current preferred attack team (Panther, LotL, Killhare, Frigg, Seshat)

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