Resource crisis with new upgrades to base!

I have spoken to my alliance and other people with other alliances and we all agree on one thing we are having a major crisis with resources especially for those who can’t afford to go out and buy Google Play cards or put our debit cards online and buy out all the great deals that you guys have been putting out. Although it is a great idea to be able to upgrade our basis along with the hunters Lodge and everything else that comes with it it is sucking our resources down to Bare minimal if not all there has to be some kind of medium. I realize these upgrades are fairly new and there are bugs to be worked out but at the same time we all have to make decisions whether it be have strong Titan heads and get more Titans with more stars and beating II stage of level 2 in hard mode along with upgrading our basis food storage unit Advanced Mills and Farms inserting a hunter’s Lodge and using the harpoon which sucks all of our food down to a bare minimum we really feel as though there has to be some kind of happy medium maybe reduce the cost or something I honestly don’t have an opinion that would not take 2 million years to write and type here on this topic but we do have ideas if we could speak one-on-one with a Creator or someone in charge of all this. I hope small Giant and Empires realizes when I post these new topics I am just a voice a voice of a whole Alliance and other alliances as well because I reach out to a lot of my online friends who play this game and have as much love for this game as I do but there is got to be some way to accomplish these sayings without using every single resource at our disposal because as you know it is a very very very hard to fill those resources back up especially when you have five brother things you need to do with those resources please after reading this go ahead and comment SA what it is on your mind. Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully small Giant in Empires can come up with a resolution to this problematic area

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