Resolving the problems with returning food on canceling training and other basic stuffs

  1. When we cancel a training in TC20, should give us the food back, even if the limit for recruits is exceeded. Also canceling must fill up the bars. Example: I have no food and over 200 recruits. Canceling a training should fill up the bar for recruits and give the entire food back. Now, the game gives nothing, just removes. If I run 3 TC20 and 1 TC elemental and I have thousands of recruits (my case), I should be able to retrieve my food back on canceling training and lose only the recruits. If a lame copy of this game, like Dragon Strike RPG can do that, why this game still lacks so basic features? I don’t think their staff is smarter then yours, I really don’t… And we don’t wanna be bound to have a TC11 running, just because of this minor problem.

  2. Showing the current stage during a mission. In the 5 stages mission, especially at very hard ones, would be very helpful to have on the screen the stage number all the time, not only between stages. I spoke with a lots of players and all said the same thing. It’s very frustrating. Sometimes, caught in the battle, we don’t know anymore what stage we are battling. Is this 3rd or 4th? The next one the bosses are coming or not? Should I prepare the mana for heroes? Seriously… Even DSP has this feature and like I said, that game is lame compared with E&P.

  3. I know this problem was discussed over and over again, but seriously now, what strategy game doesn’t have the option to cancel the construction of a building? Let’s say I really need some items right now that requires iron or I really need the iron for some talents. I should be able to cancel the building and retrieve the iron. Because is my iron. And this option is one of the most important ones in games like this.

  1. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to post every suggestion in a different thread. This category relies heavily on user votes so if the thread contains only one idea, it’s more clear what exactly do you upvote.
  2. Showing the current wave during fight has been already suggested multiple timesz and honestly I don’t understand why they can’t implement such an easy feature.
    Please vote in this thread to support it:
    Add Stage Progress Bar or Wave Counter for Better Tracking / Keep Wave Counter Visible All the Time [MASTER]
  3. Canceling buildings has been already proposed too:
    Cancel building to start another
  4. Thus it might be a good idea to search this category for existing threads marching your idea before creating a new one.

And where exactly have you seen my main problem, which is in the title? The only problem discussed on this forum, is for returning food when reset a talented hero. My problem and suggestion is entirely different. And I put to a test today by losing almost 300k food. I had over 200 recruits and even less food. I canceled one hero in TC20. I lost everything. My suggestion is for filling the bars with recruits till reaches the limit and with food if such space exists.

You might search as well, before saying anything…

your main “problem” has already been addressed here by a staff member:

and overall it is a master thread for discussion about food and recruits lost when canceling a training. the only discussion is about resetting a talented hero, huh? maybe search a little, before saying anything…

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That thread is opened in another section pal… Pay more attention, will you? I opened this thread at “Ideas & Feature Requests” for obtaining votes. If you have anything to say about the suggestion, you’re welcome, if not, go bother someone else.

it is on this forum, isnt it? maybe be more specific next time you ask a question.
and about being more specific - you lumped three very different suggestions into a single vote - that is not very smart, to put it nicely.

All of you, chill out a bit.

@Scarecrow you posted 3 suggestions in 1 post. 2 of them already had their own threads in this section, and your main one was addressed by staff in another section. Given that we have a limited number of votes available, it’s much more efficient to only have 1 thread per idea so the votes don’t get too spread out.

@grzechol, @baga, there’s no need to be patronizing.


Please see the threads linked above to consolidate discussion and voting.

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