Resolving Login Issues for E&P's Royal Ball Polling

@Shohoku79 do you recall you password to TitanMafia I wanted to test a feature of the event with you. Just login and check your mail. Let me know…

You know, I think I am still able to log in, but I am no longer in the list of members any more, must’ve been I haven’t logged in for a while? I also just tried to respond to the link you provided, but it is giving me an invalid access to member’s area message.

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Thanks for Trying… I’m going to release the 28 vote panel ahead of time as It does require a TM account as will all the interactive features of this years event.

I can’t get in, Razor

I suspect you wont be the only one lol. Use razor. Not a way to private message you that here that I’m aware…

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I sent you email…I was unable to get in as well

Yup, logged in and told me I can’t access a Stonecutter’s members only area and my session has been terminated or timed out.

Looks like I’ve been given the Stone of Shame instead of the Stone of Triumph.

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Ha ha ha, so sorry about that @Shohoku79! Though when I tested it it worked, it did only because of my permissions, no one except GuiLD Members could VOTE! So you uncovered a big flaw. It’s working now thanks for the notices!

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Sorry General I didn’t see an email with your username. razor is your temp. I really need to collect an email for password resets, its been in the works just not a priority may need to move that up - my bad.

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@NPNKY your temp is razor. please login and change (also update your profile). Thanks

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@Razor Just to let you know my account worked perfectly.

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@Razor I was able to log in and fill out my profile. Got it! We gooood!

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Guys I’m going to go back in our history and flag the login issues to be removed as it has been corrected - no point in anyone having to read those comments! Will wait for @NPNKY to vote before I remove theirs


I moved them out to a separate thread, thanks! :slight_smile:


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