[RESOLVED - V38 Update] Malosi's Special Skill bug with Chain Abilities (Alfrike's Mindless Attack/ Finley's Defense down

I’ve been testing this quite a bit and losing lots of trophies trying to recreate. It appears that if you hit Alfrike with Malosi’s special before her mana if full, she will still fire mindless attack.

I know screenshots aren’t telling but I cannot upload a video.

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![Screenshot_20210421-202202_Video Player|243x500](upload:(upload://qXykYZdgwxjcn4CPFW0udk1iGhA.jpeg)


You can upload a video to a video hosting platform (like youtube) then link it here.

I wonder if this is a product of the recent fix to alfrike

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I thought the fix will only be done when the new update version is fully implemented.

I gave it a test, and I could not replicate your issue.

As you can see, for me Malosi works just fine against Alfrike.

I had this happen to me not even an hour ago in a war attack. After my opponents turn was over there was Malosi’s block sitting right in front of the poison caused by the Svartalfheim realm effect (courtesy of 2 mindless attacks). And I already did the available update yesterday if that happens to be the connection. I’ve used him many times against both Alfrike and Zocc without having this issue before

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Thanks for reporting, we are looking into this now. I hope to post more information as soon as I can. Thank you again.


Dear devs,

Malosi doesn’t block Alfrike’s Mindless Attack anymore.
Started in v.37, worked well before that.

Here’s the proof:

Guys, it’s a MAJOR bug for Very Fast mana tournaments and wars, kindly ask to address this one quickly.
It can’t wait till v.38.

@Petri , @KiraSG


Thank you!!! This was a pain in the @$$ my team mates kept accusing me of being stoned… lol and I’m not tech savvy to post to you tube. I don’t even watch you tube.


Actually there is nothing in Finley’s description to say that he should stop on a miss.
So I’m unsure if he’s now working as originally intended or if it’s a bug.

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Not having Alfrike and rarely facing her, all the [known issue] topics about her popping from time to time are getting quite funny. That said, is there a single interaction with her special skill that’s not (or not been) bugged? :neutral_face: What a pity for such a cool heroine.

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I’m sure the update is the issue. Those that didn’t have the same experience, had not updated their apps.

Good morning, I’m not sure if its a glitch from the update or if I’ve just never noticed this. Videos not great, took me far too long to get it on video after it happened the first time.


That’s a bug for sure. Malosi should block that effect!


I second this. Malosi should have blocked the defence down from Finley. This topic should be moved/tagged as a #bug.


@Guv and @valourandvaliance.

I corrected the title and moved this topic to bugs and issues, as I can see that this problem isn’t unique.

@LatiyFundiy posted another thread regarding the same problem.

@guvnor, @Petri it seems that the last update caused an error.

I hope it will be solved soon.

Take care.


Malosi can’t block Alfrike and now he can’t block Finley.

Is there any thing that Malosi can block for now (don’t answer that he can block lower defense ailment on himself) ?


Appears to be a bug with chain attacks and Malosi.

But wouldn’t be surprised if others are affected too — Mist, Garnet, Belith, etc.

Also likely to affect Sir Roostly, Misandra, and any others with a special that chains.

Should probably be merged with the Alfrike thread.


Unfortunately I’m just a player so not really anything I can do :stuck_out_tongue:

But I agree that it does seem ot be a bug and is likely linked to the fix to Alfrike which has had some additional flow-on effects:


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