[RESOLVED - V38 Update] Interesting ghost/fiend/minion interaction(bug)

The intent of Lepiota is to clear everything from the hero, even things undispellable or uncleansable. She then does damage (which is meant to hit, hence clearing everything imaginable from the hero beforehand).

If Lepiota can’t remove the card’s taunt, can’t ghost the minion, can’t pass tiles through a ghosted hero because the taunt is active on the card but somehow can’t do damage to the card because the hero is ghosted, well, that’s quite ridiculous. How can you have it both ways?

Either the minion ghosts with the hero, or the minion can be damaged by the tiles. But a ghost can’t protect an active minion, that doesn’t make sense.

I would struggle to see eye to eye with the devs if they think this is working as it should, rather than it be an oversight of the special/coding.


I agree with this sentiment. This is one of the reasons I created this thread in the first place.


Yeah this sounds like an oversight, hopefully it gets fixed…

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Just curious to know if this will get fixed or is working as intended.
Any update on this?
Thanks ahead

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It looks like the thorn minion is gone in the second screenshot. Did it actually take damage while the hero was ghosted? If so then the next attack the tiles would be able to ghost through.

No answer yet? A little disappointed that no Dev has responded to this thread yet. Or, at least, a we are looking into it. Is this normal for SG?

Yes, it is normal of SG, their Devs rarely respond to bugs or take a long time to fix known issues. Almost all efforts are focused on new material to increase spending (like costumes for non season 1 heroes, season 4, limit breaks, etc)

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Ugh. I pulled Lepotia, too, and was super happy. The way the game is going with all the minion heroes and fiends now … she almost sounds worthless. Feel like this is a major issue with minions and fiends moving forward.

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Yes, I wish they fixed bugs too, even if I don’t have the hero (like the alfrike miss bug). How can you truly evaluate a hero when they don’t function correctly. Yet keep adding more, that’s a way to fix bugs, by quantity!

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Yeah sorry for late response my guess its working as intended guvnor posted on this above scroll up.
Me and guvnor did have a chat about it and both think it is.
Being there isn’t many ghost hero’s used on defence or used much in gerenal I guess it went under the radar till now.

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Just to clarify, working as intended includes a QoH minion taunting while ghosted and reduced Mana on ghosted tiles?

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Is there any way that we could get a statement from a Dev saying yes or no?

and also what about the ghosted tiles minion mana gen bug? comment 13 by Tennischris


I have put the thread to the staff before. But will send it into it agian. :+1:

Office is shut now so won’t hear anything till tomorrow. I’ll let you know. What’s going on.


Thanks! It really doesn’t not seem correct in it’s current state, I’d really like to see logic as to why it is if they believe it is working as intended.

So if an opponent is in ghost mode you can send tiles through and get double mana.

But if the opponent has minions active and is in ghost mode, you can’t send tiles through because of the minion, and the minion doesn’t get damage because of the ghost?

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Thank you for your help. I believe I speak for everyone in this thread when I say, we appreciate all that you do!

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Correct. Plus a queen of hearts ghosted minion taunts.

Oh! It’s like the minion had the effect of flesh wound but more OP since the damage is reduced to 0!

and it is a 100% chance

Even more OP haha

20 minions in ghost

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