[RESOLVED - V38 Update] Interesting ghost/fiend/minion interaction(bug)

Beta is close for more than a week. And no. Beta are not an organized group. It’s just random people around the world who have access to beta testing what they want us to test, do alot of play tests and then they close beta to do their maths. Iv got lepiota and I’m not really interested in level her up. She could be A great hero, but it’s not.


Why and how do you know that?..from card?

I’ve got her, 3/70 I’m testing her out in real raid, and maps game. To me she’s not worthy for 6 tabards and alot of feeders. Didn’t had enough time to test her in beta, despite whe earned her full then to test her.

She is one of the best s4 heroes…i have her max +10…what you dont like about her…her skill is unique…many help for rest of team…ona of the best in my roaster

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Fixed in V38 Update:

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Thank you!
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Vanda stil gain life in ghost form. And still minions are attached to ghost heros. I’m truly disappointed that just level lepiota and still bugged.

She is not, you can kill minions now on ghost target.


Not supposed to heal while in ghost form. You need to show video or screen shots otherwise it’s hard for Devt Team to assess whether it’s a bug.

I recorded all the bugs. Stil there all of them

Vanda gaining life… Alot. Lepiota turn Vanda in ghost form 13:15, and she gain life when toxicandra heals

Now we can kill the mions attached after ghost form, she shouldn’t be able to gain minions. But she stil can heal…


Yeap…two problems still here…

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There was a bug with Onatel too but I don’t know if it was fixed :thinking:

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Anyway I wanted to thank @Guvnor @Zepth and all the other moderators who in the end are player’s like us and dedicate their time not only in Beta but also in the forum often for avoidable questions or discussions … About Lepiota in the end they are normal bugs that may be there because they are new skills and it is not possible to foresee everything … Guys thanks for the work you do, without you it would be impossible to have a forum like this, thanks :hugs:

Regarding Lepiota against Vanda, however, it is not a bug, reviewing the video, reading the description of Lepiota and talking about it with a player is all right… I was wrong :hugs:

It is not all right with vanda…cant get heal when she is in ghost mode…

Lepiota removes all status effects, so she has removed the protection of Vanda … but she still takes away the health of others, in fact if you try Rigard he too does not remove it … Only by killing Vanda does it disappear

Rigard dont putt her in ghost mode,lepiota does…nothing should work with her when she is in ghost mode…no healing in ghost mode is on lepiota card…or i missing something🤔

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Because Lepiota she don’t dispell the buff… Vanda isn’t like Morgan Le Fay,i think for this :hugs:

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