[RESOLVED - V38 Update] Interesting ghost/fiend/minion interaction(bug)

I was testing out Lepiota and Vollermork yesterday and found that a ghosted hero was able to receive a fiend. Previously I hadn’t used heroes with ghost skills, so I was unsure if this was standard or something new with the update. I asked an alliance mate to help me test out if this condition also applied to minions. In fact, it did. A ghosted hero could receive a minion and/or a fiend. I thought this was a bit peculiar, as typically it is almost as if the ghosted hero doesn’t exist. In the test with my alliance mate, I also noted that the minion could not be removed by tile damage as the hero was ghosted, but the minion could still attack. However, in comparison, the fiend couldn’t be removed by healing as a ghosted hero can’t be healed, but it was NOT able to damage. This seemed like a little slanted toward minions.
In addition, it occurred to me that this ghosted hero could receive a Sword minion (from LotL) or butterfly minion (from Bera). Both of which have significant effects, but in ghost mode can’t be removed by damage for up to 4 turns. While both of these cases might be rare, it still seems to present a problem.
The interactions mentioned above can be seen in this video: https://youtu.be/CfitktWP2gc

In addition, I asked a friend of mine to test out minion summoning with Ameonna and Stonecleave which yielded the same result of them being able to gain minions. In theory, this could be used to maintain sword minions, card minions, or butterfly minions for a longer period of time, thus swaying the tide of a battle.
A picture of this interaction, can be seen here:

I’m not sure whether this is a bug or working as intended. If it is the latter, please feel free to close this thread.

Edit: Thank you to LW, Leilow, and Kypros for helping me out with this.


Iv sent a message on our group chat about this, I would think in ghost mode you wouldn’t get minons added to them.


Yeah, thats actually a pretty interesting problem.

Also tested it to see if minions also do their attacks.
They do.

So yes, apparently LotL paired with two stonecleave could more or less be unbeatable if you manage to keep both ghosted.

Very interested in the solution. If it was for me, normally

  • all minions should stay when heroes shift to ghost form
    -minions should not attack
  • no new minions (fiends) should be summoned to them.
  • removing minions with specials should be possible
  • existing minions should be bypassed when ghostform is active (that already works like this)

Technically speaking, by the letter of the skill, there is no mention about NOT being able to gain minions…

So from that perspective it’s “Working as Intended”

However, it may be that there was an oversight and they meant for the ghosted heroes to also not be able to gain minions but idk… That’s a question only the devs can answer.


@ratabboypda post about this treat like a week before the update 36 but he have not receive any awnser for his report about this that we consider as a problem.


Thank you for a reply! I noticed it didn’t explicitly mention minions in the skill, so I agree that it might be a “working as intended”. Still just seemed a bit odd for it to be working as intended to me, so I thought I would bring it up.
I look forward to the response from the devs!

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Was that comment posted in beta forums or on regular forum? If the latter, do you think you could link that here?

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I rather felt this thread should be merged with it, but I’m not a moderator…

But here it is: Stoneclave ghost minions UNTOUCHABLES


well technically speaking it also doesn’t say that minions will become ghosts and that if you add minions or demons on any turn they will also become ghosts.
So technically it is logical and obvious that there is an error in the programming of the hero’s operating code

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Whys that?

I mean most everything in the game is true by omission… For example, not every status effect has “this effect can be cleansed” or “This effect can be dispelled” on them… The lack of anything saying otherwise states it to be true.

Essentially, not everything has to be (or is) stated explicitily. If it did, hero cards would be a mile long…


I understand your point and I share it, but there is a reality.
I can get to share that being a ghost the minion does not take it for an effect therefore do not release them, which does not seem bad to me.
Now that the minion becomes a ghost it goes a little beyond the omission and that it cannot be killed is a mistake and also that when putting a new minions it becomes a ghost

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Well the new features could need some slight adjustments, because by the time a ton of synergies that might as well be a bit buggy.

@Guvnor here is another “problem”

So basically lepiota on queen of hearts is a terrible idea, as the taunt does not get away and the card-minion is unbeatable as long as the owner is ghosted :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yet, okay, still working as intended i guess, but at least a quite funny curiosity.


The other bug seems to be that if the hero has a minion, and Lepiota turns them into a ghost. The tiles you run “through” them don’t count as ghosted tiles… which I think is a problem since they don’t give damage to kill the minion either.


@Guvnor here is a bug alert.

I think that it is not intended what @Tennischris found out. (Thanks buddy, i didnt see it)

I also had some testings with her and had a strange feeling of “didnt I just ghost 4 tiles through the ghost? Why is lepiota not full? Probably I missed a sorcerers mana debuff or so”

But now it makes sense. The tiles dont even pass the ghost, they hit it, and no double mana is gained.

So all Lepiota owners, take care before maxing her. If that goes through as “working as intended” i certainly think that one major ability of her is pointless as soon as minions are up. In that case I wouldnt max her at all, and should instead wait for an official statement.


Shouldn’t Lepiota remove the taunt from QoH?

Personally, I believe that this is not working as intended, why should ghosts gain minions and in turn those minions can’t be hurt because of ghost mode? That doesn’t make any sense to me.


The way QoH’s skill reads is that the minion grants taunt to the owner. So as long as the minion is alive, the owner has taunt.
On a side note, gefjon(sp?) steals minions and therefore will have taunt if the card minion is stolen.


Will test this out, Lepiota’s damage should take care of 1 minion. I still think a minion should be ghosted if a hero is.

Going to try that with Gefjon, that would be cool.

Gefjon did steal QoH taunt. I didn’t know that. It didn’t show that she had taunt but when the she was fired upon, taunt came up.

Still, Lepiota’s card says “removes all status effects and stacks from the target” - it doesn’t say hero. When you choose a target, the minion is always effected first, except for Uraeus which specifically says bypasses target’s minions. The minion is much the target as the hero, imo. So taunt should be removed.

If it was a traditional buff like BK or Krampus, I 100% agree. However, I consider it an innate ability of the minion and not a buff, in the case of QoH.
As can be seen in this video at 0:35, QoH doesn’t have a taunt buff. If you compare this to the red target-looking buff symbol that BK and Krampus have, which is a buff, QoH doesn’t have a taunt “buff” to be removed.

Granted, I see your point and to bring this back to the purpose of this post,(my opinion)
A. if she is ghosted, her minion should be as well and thus inactive.
B. the minion should be killable/removable, but then you cant ghost tiles so is the hero really ghosted in the first place…
C. the minion should be removed from the target and no new minion should be given

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It is really sad to see this happen to another new purple hero. Alfrike still has a bug and it is almost been a year since she was released and the discovery of the bug.

I hope we hear from the Devs soon regarding these issues with Lepiota

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