[RESOLVED - V38 Update] Alfrike's first cube always hits targetted enemy

Making this one also for clarity; not sure if it would be picked up normally :stuck_out_tongue:


Essentially, if you target an enemy prior to firing Alfrike, the first cube will always target that enemy rather than going at a random enemy as her skill description stipulates.


This was introduced as part of fixing the Alfrike/Wu Kong bug when the devs changed the background stuff in the “chain” mechanism which is included in the V37 update.

Fix Timeline

Devs have identified how to fix this bug but have delayed rolling out the fix in V37 for additoinal testing. They hope to be able to release the fix in a patch update (say V37.1) but if not, V38 is the latest.


Damn, just another reason why I’m sad I never pulled Alfrike.


this should be a temporary bug from the sounds of it. just for a 1 version

As expected, fixed in V38 Update:

Since the last update V38, my Alfrike don’t fires 5 cubes, sometimes fires 2, sometimes 3 but never 5. Is this normal?

You are not alone. One issue is resolved and a new one appears. It seems our dear Alfrike is suffering from an unannounced nerf. Since I have the latest patch update, I am also disheartened about this new matter:

Thanks for the answer, so i’m not alone with this issue. I hope they fix that. I don’t think it’s a nerf but a bug, maybe.

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