[RESOLVED - V26 Update] Pierce bypasses Family Bonuses

Picture of bypassed attacked with no buffs or specials fired yet. I guess it’s the ranger pierce.

I’ll get a picture of a locke miss eventually.


Yes the pierce showing on alasie, makes sense

I’ve been playing with locke but so far have not noticed anything odd

When it says “Bypassed” i think its the the ranger class effect pierce going through the defensive buffs.

That’s what is confusing to me. There are no buffs or anything to bypass.

I’ve only noticed it recently and when Ursena is on the team.


She’s bypassing the family bonus…


That is a very plausible explanation. Thank you Rigs.

It raises a question. Rangers bypass a buff because of pierce. If this includes family bonuses shouldn’t wizards hit the Atlantis family harder than normal when their talent is in effect? Is a family bonus a buff?

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I don’t think the family bonus is supposed to be a buff since it’s not included in the raid tournament buff bonus effects

Believe it’s a bug. Family bonuses were supposed to be innate bonuses like troops, not buffs. At least that was my understanding

@Petri any word on this? Family bonuses, buffs or not?


This. This was my understanding too


This game just begins to give me head ache with every passing month or update… It is so messed up that I could understand all the frustration among the new players. Hell, I can understand it even among old players.


If it’s a buff it should be dispellable, stealable and visible. One would think.


Now I’m beginning to wonder if a class may affect another class. Let’s say a ranger hits a rogue. If both of them activate, will be a bypass or the dodge? :joy:


Well seeing as the talents aren’t a buff I’d guess the ranger can’t bypass…?

Same as they can’t bypass an inate resistance?

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I agree, any ideas on what was bypassed?

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Believe the rogue would dodge the damage in that scenario. Talents aren’t buffs. But i get what you mean now that the game is treating family bonuses as buffs then it does put more into question. Though i truly think the bonuses being treated as active buffs is just a bug and will be fixed, so i don’t think we need to dive deeper beyond that surface just yet


Paladin’s talent has a chance to give a 2 turn buff – or so I’d argue …

But yeah, pierce explicitly refers to buffs, and family bonuses are not buffs according to the tournament rules, so either the pierce text is wrong, or buff or not turns out to be a complicated question. :slight_smile:

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I have noticed the “bypass” pop -up whilst using either Poseidon, Ursena or Ariel (who are, coincidentally, in the same family).

I’ll get some screenshots the next time I’m raiding.


I’ve moved all of the conversation regarding Rangers “bypassing” the Atlantis family bonus to a new bug topic.

The reason I did this was because the issue shown in the screenshot is different from one described in the original topic: Lady Locke skill miss unpredictably

I believe this is a bug. As per the description of the Ranger talent:

The Pierce talent should only activate against defensive buffs. Family bonuses are not considered buffs by the game though.

I’ll bring it up to the attention of the staff. Thank you @Killen-time, @Scarecrow , @Rigs and everyone else for discussing this :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting and to our Mods for bringing it to my attention. I passed the information along to our QA and they confirmed it is not working as intended and a fix is on the way :+1:


In that case if Family Bonuses are meant to act like troop bonuses rather than buffs can the QA team also take a look at the effect of the Pirate Family bonus on Lady Locke’s special?

If the bonus is meant to act like troop bonuses then it would be expected that using Locke with other pirate heroes would increase the DoT of her special by virtue of the attack bonus but currently from what I can tell from my own experimentation the Family Bonus is having no effect on her DoT.

Screenshots of Lady Locke's in battle special description with and without pirate allies and Locke with the same troop

Back on the issue of Pierce bypassing family bonuses - has any one else witnessed this bug on a hero that has a defensive family bonus that is not active by virtue of being the only hero on the team from that family?

I ask as today during the Trials of Serenity the Lianna boss triggered the bypass message on my Red Hood which had no defensive buffs on it and Hood was the only Grimforest family member on the team (indeed from the top of my head I think she’s the only Grimforest member eligible for that class trial anyway) - the only two things I think it can be is that even though her Grimforest bonus was not active it some how triggered the bypass message and so is related to the current bug being fixed OR that the bypass was triggered by the fox minions she had in a similar bug to the foxes saying “resist” when given a banner I reported in beta about a month ago.



It’s not the same issue, but it’s related to the family bonus.
On the current tournament - rush attack, I don’t have family bonus for using 2 Gato heroes, only for Namahage and Chochin present family bonus.

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