Resolved: Lock/Unlock troops in the barracks (Feature Exists See Post #3)

The title says it all; players should be able to either lock & unlock troops in the barracks or train them in the troop tab of the inventory. The barracks seems like a better choice. There’s one button for heroes let’s have one button for troops as well.

You can already unlock/lock your troops in the barracks. See @D_DI images below:

Editing Title for Resolution

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This already exists:

When you go to the barracks and click on the question mark next to the troops, you’ll be able to lock/unlock them.


As pointed out, this feature has already been implemented in the Barracks building.

This building can be converted from a level 5 Forge, Farm, Mine, or Training Camp, as soon as the player’s Stronghold is at level 10.

Please see this great video by Nitanny for a more in-depth guide on Troops and the Barracks building: Beginner’s Guide to E&P Ep. 09 - Troops & Barracks

I’ll be closing this feature request.

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