[RESOLVED] Game Unusable Since Update


Hello, I submitted a ticket for this via email, but figured it would be good to send it here as well.

After every interaction I do, since I updated the app today, I get a connection issue and it asks me to re-connect and try again or contact customer service. These interactions include: gathering resources (food, iron, watchtower or heroes from training camp), view or message on the chat, or start a battle. This makes the game impossible to play.

I am playing on an iPhone 7 Plus with the latest updates. Any advice on how to resolve this would be great.



I have attempted to reinstall the game, and it seemed to work properly, but it created a new account, rather than loading my old one (I have since restored my phone and got my old account back from a backup). Alternatively, if you can let me know a way to load my original account id onto the redownloaded version of the game, that may resolve my issue…



Hey Draglais,

Has this been resolved by support? I’d found some info on Game center that might be useful. Let me know!


Nope, nothing useful to date, any info you have would be great!


Here’s a bit about what I found previously:

The game is saved through Game Center, and I’m wondering if your backup works because your game center login info is there.


yeah, when I did the re-install, I didn’t logout of my Game Center account. And it connected as soon as I started the game (with the welcome message), honestly I thought I was out of the woods at that point… and it would load my old account… but it didn’t :frowning: I’d also really love to avoid restoring my phone again from the last backup, it takes FOREVER!


I think the reason it worked when I restored from a backup, is the account was already on the backup, so when it restored my entire device, it included the app and the account


One last comment on that subject, there doesn’t seem to be a way to enable/disable Game Center access on a per-app basis


Thanks Petri for resolving my issue! Definitely was an account related issue. Thanks again!

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