[RESOLVED] Completed update and cannot log into game - iOS

The app simply automatically closes when I try to open it after doing the update from the App Store.

I have tried the following troubleshooting
Uninstalled and reinstalled the app
Turned phone off and restarted
Deleted game data uninstalled and reinstalled

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Exactly the same problem here
Tried all of the above but nothing helps.

Please, what more can we do?


I also have the same error
Compatibility seems to be no problem with iOS 12.14. I want to respond quickly and start the game. use google translation


My wife is having the same issue with her account. But mine seems to be working fine. @Guvnor and @zephyr1 is there something more that she needs to do to report it? Or is reporting the issue here fine?

Edit: found a support page on Empires and Puzzles main that recommends trying to update iOS to latest version. Going to try that as well and see if that helps.

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Un compañero de la alianza esta con el mismo problema desde esta mañana

Same issue here. But I’m playing on an older iPad with iOS 10.3.4, and the iPad can’t be updated past that. Are you telling me that I’m going to be forced into buying a new iPad to play E&P :joy: In the meantime, I’m not going to update the game on my phone which has the latest version of iOS to make sure that’s the issue. I don’t want to be completely locked out of the game


Looks like updating her ipad to the latest iOS seemed to fix the issue. The game opened up just fine once the system update was completed.

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Same issue here. My phone is ios 10.3.2。

same; updated game, cant start it.

ios 11.2.6 and updating IOS is not an option at this point.

no excuses, fix the game, its broken.


Thanks for reporting, we are currently investigating an issue with the game crashing on some iOS devices. I will update here as I know more.


Indeed, older Ipad with IOS 10.3.3 (no longer able to update IOS)

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I have the same problem, any update? The war will end soon and I still cannot log in to the game


Also just updated the game to version 31 and game is crashing immediately on load. I am running IOS on an Ipad Pro (only a few years old).

Game was working fine before the update to v31.

Some additional info for SG… I also ran V30 game on another IOS device (phone). When logged into the V30 game on the phone and I start the V31 on the iPad Pro it is not even connecting to the server - as the V30 on the iphone does not complain about another session being active (and hence does not try to boot me off).

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Same here. Saw the update about 2 hours ago. Updated the app, and can’t open it. It just shows the small giant logo for half a second, and the app crashes / kicks me out.

And I have things to do in the game, and I can’t even access it :\

I assumed you are on IPhone, there has been IOS updates 11.5.x to 12.x.x and currently 13.6.x ; don’t you think it’s better to at least upgrade the IOS for protection against vulnerability and for optimal performance?

Welcome to the forum by the way!

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Anyone with iOS can confirm that work on version 12.4.8 ?
Or better we wait until it release the next patch? Thanks

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Just updated. I can’t log in to the game on IOS either :sneezing_face:

Same issue here IPad version 10.3.3

I’m on 13.5.1, have not done the update yet, but thinking I should just hold a little till the issue is resolved.

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