[RESOLVED] Bottom 25% loot in tournament while being in top 5% or top1%

Same here!

It was in top 5% just 30 minutes before the tournament ended…

How can my ranking drop from top 5% to bottom 25% in a span of 30 minutes??

EDIT: After collecting the loot, the ranking again shows top 5%

But there is no change in the loot. :frowning:

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Was top 25% but got bottom 25%

Just to point something out early on in the million or so posts that will be made on this:

  1. There’s clearly a bug
  2. It’ll get sorted out, don’t worry
  3. Wait for the staff response
  4. There’s really no need to demand compensation

Have a great weekend, everyone :+1: :wink:


I was top 5% and got bottom 25% loot

Ditto … top 1% received bottom 25% rewards

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Yep, seems to be a wide spread bug, maybe we can collect the number with a voting? @moderators

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Same here

Same here… Top 5% rewarded bottom 25% - I’m guessing this has happened to everyone!

Yeah me 2… I spent 75 gems to be in top 5% woke up like a crazy man :sweat_smile:

We also had same ■■■■ every top-1% players got bottom 25% rewards, what’s going on with SGG?

Happen to me as well!! :frowning:



Top 1% (16th) and bottom 25% rewards here as well

First my ranking shows bottom25% and got reward, and then it changed to to 5%.
What happened???

So basically everyone got bottom 25% loot. Lets just wait for SGs response :slight_smile:

Yes same here top 1% then bottom 25% prize

The same over heare

Happened to me as well.

No need for compensation? You invest gems and pay efforts to keep fighting in Tournament for good rewards. At the end ranking system is bugged. I feel like beeing scammed.


Same here! I was at top 5% and then 5 minutes later when the rewards were given I was at 25% :frowning: this game never stopped to amuse me lol

I had the same issue, on one account was given bottom 25% rewards, on second account it was ok. When I logged back to first account the ranking now correctly shows 5% but rewards were bottom for sure, as it’s impossible to get 1 emblem for 5%.