[RESOLVED] Bottom 25% loot in tournament while being in top 5% or top1%

Incorrect loot here too… V31. @ Login - Bottom 25% loot. Reopenned app - top 5%…

I ended tournament in 1 % but I was rewarded bottom 25%. I have recorded screen too but can’t attach it here

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As screens shows, i ended up at top5%, and got rewards as bottom 25%.

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I got the same, was top 1% and got bottom 25%…damn…

Here is last finished results

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Casually waiting for the “sincere apologies” and Red Flask of Compensation :laughing:

@Petri, I finished Top 5% in raid tournament but today it showed I finished in bottom 25% and got the loot for that. Hope that’s only a bug for me and not a general issue with the new version. The 1 emblem is what I got for loot, unfortunately missed the screenshot for bottom 25%.

See here

Same for me, what do i have to do?

I was in the top 5% and my score was 14846. Here’s a picture that shows it

Furthermore, this is what makes me sad. i get the bottom 25% loot. I forgot to take a picture of it when I got it. but I see it from recent activity and this is the picture that shows

can i complain about it and get loot rights according to my rank?

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It’s not that I don’t believe you, I do, but, unfortunately, those pics prove nothing. Might have been taken weeks apart… A pic of your reward tier screen might have helped with a support ticket.

Same happened to me.

Same here i posted a ticket. I check with myfellow players. It seems a ios game update issue. In my humble opinion

I was top1 in tournament and got bottom 25 rewards

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