[RESOLVED] Bottom 25% loot in tournament while being in top 5% or top1%

Just before prize giving I was top 1% 16924 points position 4171, After prize giving I am bottom 25% my #F4T4F

Please investigate and rectify

Since the update happened the tournament I was top 1% but I saw it gave me bottom 25% rewards?!?!?!? I was mad and complained to my alliance. Then they all realised it happend to all of them as well. Devs you gotta fix this bug and maybe give us something for it. We all lost good rewards because of this. Please fix this issue and make it right by giving all of us something for the rewards we all lost.



Same here for some members of alliance. At least 1 person received correct loot for 1%. At least 1 person received wrong loot for 1%. At least 1 person received wrong loot for top 25%

Me too! I submitted a ticket

Hopefully they have staff on the weekends to fix big issues like this.

An earlier thread started here

Me too. All members of my alliance who finished in top1% got bottom 25 rewards…

Same same…
Top 1% in the morning… now this…

Hello. Today finished the tournament. My rank is top 10%. But it gave me reward for last 25%.

Earlier thread started here

@KiraSG thnx for the cleanup.
Maybe pin this in all categories?

Looks like everyone got bottom 25% instead of there real score. @KiraSG @Petri

Yep same issue here. Top 5% used 75 gems for a refresh as well when I got some 3.9k defence teams that tore me to shreds.

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Me and my alliance teammates finished in top1% in raid tournament but we get the loot for bottom 25%! Please fix it asap!


Same happened to me and others in my alliance

  • this bug 25% tournament, xdd all ppls 25%?

Same here, wrong tournament loot

Same with me and someone else in my alliance - top 1% turned into bottom 25% tier. I just updated to v31 and I wonder if that was an issue

Same here, 5% and got the bottom 25% ???

yup top 1% rank here but got 25% loot as well

filed support ticket with screenshots, hope everyone does the same

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