[RESOLVED] Bottom 25% loot in tournament while being in top 5% or top1%

One guy in my alliance got correct with Android and lastest version of the game.

Did you do the last update ?
Are you running iOS?

Also got the bottom 25% loot tier despite top 5% placement.

Noticed this bug every morning in this tournament. First 15 min or so it said being bottom 25% placement even though having good points. Corrected itself after the initial issue. But when will the loot payout get corrected!?

IOS 13.6.1, version 31.

So far in my alliance, we get one correct (Android / lastest version), one incorrect (Android / lastest version).
So maybe not linked to the update of the OS

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happened to me too !

I’m not that good as You are, but I’m certainly not that bad either.

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Got bottom 25% loot

Alliance mate got top 25% loot for his top 1% performance

Sad ol day for the tourney results

I have the same problem

Today one of my friend was 5% on leaderboard. But the rewards were “bottom 25%”. The same sotuation had some of my friends.
Anybody else?

Yes, I had exactly the same situation. So bad, again some problems with SG.

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I finished top 5% and received bottom 25% loot. I got 1 wizard emblem when the least amount i should get at my tier should be at least 5. I see this has happened to a lot of people. Anyone know if they will make it right?

Why my loot was in 25% bottom and after that show me top5%

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You are not alone

I have the same problem

I scored over 16.5k but got bottom 25% loot??

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I was top1% the whole time and received bottom 25% loot, others have this issue too.


Same issues in my alliance