[RESOLVED] Bottom 25% loot in tournament while being in top 5% or top1%

My co-leader and me got bottom 25% loot this tournament while either being top1% or top5%


Myself and couple of others in our alliance are having the same issue


Same issue here…

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I’ve seen the tournament rank be wrong during the tournament but never when rewards are given.

I had a top 1% score when I logged off this afternoon but now I’ve been given a bottom 25% reward and no ranking shown.


I thought the same thing. It did display to me a top 1% and also received the bottom 25% as well

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Same for me and my allie

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Same things happen to me I was top one and seconds later I was given a bottom 25% prize. I screenshotted it. My rank, my score, my prize

Same here me tourney score was top 800 and got bottom 25% reward

Me too!! 20 here we go agains :disappointed:

Same here, 18.6k point, bottom 25% xD… 2 emblem + trash.

Same for me . I was top 5% and it gave me bottom 25even though it still shows top 5% on the tournament page


And now is showing correct 10% after giving rewards

This is happening to lots of players. Please address SG

I vote we all get a free AM of our choice for the troubles :slight_smile:


Same happened here. Top 5% and bottom 25% reward

I was top 1% and got bottom 25% reward.

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Same thing, i was top 5% got bottom 25 rewards. What the hell is going on?

@moderators I guess there is some merging to do…

Same happened to me , I was too 5 and all of a sudden I drop to bottom 25

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