Resist the urge

I need this as a reminder to myself. I’m one of those people who hate seeing notifications on my device. I open texts or emails just so I don’t see the notification anymore. If the software needs updating on my phone and I’m not on WiFi at the moment it drives me crazy to see a notification in settings. So now I have 2 EHT just sitting there. No event to claim and I have to hoard them. It’s driving me nuts tbh. Every time I log on I see the “2” in the summon gate and I have to stop myself. It has nothing to do with gameplay, nothing to do needing any heroes to work on (I have so many projects just waiting at 1-1). So now I’m just waiting, and going crazy :joy::joy:. I’m sure there’s some of us who completely understand me and then there’s those who are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Call it what you will.


I couldnt even keep the silver ones to use in path of valor . I simply cannot see the notification. There is something that push me to summon
I dont need or have the neccesity of wasting silver tokens but i do even knowing i will need for path of valor


There should be a “dont show again” or “hide notifications” button honestly

It’s been requested before and I’m hopin they have looked into it

Really if a player wants to know if they have summons, they can check it

They dont need to be constantly reminded

Exception would be when they have 2 daily summons from vip since those can’t be hoarded

But when a new summon token or x amount of coins has been recieved, a simple pop up of

you have x amount summons in the summons portal:
× atlantis
X seasonal
X event
X troop
X daily

Then a “ok” or “ok dont show again” should be an option

Ok= pop up will show again when another summon is available

Ok dont show again= wont show up until next login


They did hide the number in a previous update and there was such an uproar they quickly reverted it.

I confess I was one uproaring. I kept missing the daily summons without the notification, and that annoyed me.

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I feel ya! this is me in a nut shall pal. i hate notification of any kind just sitting there. lol.

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I’ve been resisting the urge to pull from TC’s until Path of Valor. It’s hard.


Yes, this is also my problem … I have such a hard time not cleaning up my base! During Atlantis when I’m trying to save food, it’s SO hard to resist not collecting my finished recruits.


I used to have this problem. But having literally dozens of 5 star and 4 star heroes waiting to be leveled, I am able to resist this urge so far.

4 EHT and counting.



I have been surprisingly good at hoarding summoning tokens. :sunglasses:

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Mee toooooo!!
The “must resist every day”:

Plus these “special time” resist urge to summon:


Much self-discipline on the ETTs. Very nice stash.

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Yeah, I don’t really need troops lol

Got at least 1 of each one currently… And have a massive backlog of 1& 2* troops I still gotta feed away before I worry about getting more :stuck_out_tongue:

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