Reshuffle the deck hero?

hi, i have heared from one of my friends that there is a hero and her special is to hit and reshuffle the deck, there is such hero ? and what his / her name ?

i think his name ls Ray Mangini

No such hero exists, ideas about it have been thrown around.

Reshuffle the deck… Wrong forum?

My first thought was that he meant reordering enemy heroes. But maybe it is about rumpeltilskin?
Or a wrong forum.

no he meant something like the tornado but i think he was dreaming cuz i saw no such hero do that

Ah you meant board shuffling? Yeah, no hero for that either.

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thanks i thought so also just wanted to make sure … thanks again guys

Tile shuffle hero is a great idea! Could make him a green hero and call him Loki

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While I agree such a hero would be fun on offense, how would it work mechanically on defense? Shuffling the gems typically results in a bunch of matches, so that wouldn’t work too well.

it will effect you badly as a defense but it will be great vs titans :dancer: