Resetting Zimkithia

Hey all!

I am just wondering how nuts I am for leaning towards resetting Zimkithia. Basically I am alternating who gets a node between Ranvir and Zimkithia. They are both at +9 currently. All of my 4* druids are maxed. The only other 5* Druids without emblems are Kadilen and Horghall. Neither have a costume and neither see much time.

Side note, I know everyone on the forum bashes base Horghall, but IMO base Kadilen is worse. Neither is “good”, but Kadilen’s value is SO narrowly situational. Anyway ….

Then to give you some background for perspective and on response, I am a FTP who doesn’t keep dupes. The odds of a new great druid falling in my lap is pretty much non-existent.

Zimkithia was great when she came out, but it seems like time has passed her by. I’ve noticed:

  • If I mono (mostly 3-2 these days) I have Boldtusk. His A boost supersedes and is bigger. If she fired after it cancels his out.

  • If I 3-2 I have bigger A boosters to use and cleansers at all speeds that can easily replace her.

  • Her A boost is small compared to even Kiril and other boosters.

  • Her fast cleanse is easily replaced these days with costume Sonya and costume Caedmon. They are both +20 and LB’d for me. I also have lots of cleansers at slower speed. When she first came out cleansers we’re particularly rare versus a debuff. Doesn’t seem to be the case.

  • Her elemental link is of dubious worth when not in mono. It isn’t bad per say, but if someone does something to benefit the whole team it is more impactful.

  • I do not have another 2018 HotM (yet? Maybe? Looking at you HA).

  • Her special damage, even when fired a second time with her A boost active is poor. I do get it’s not her primary role per say. Either way, albeit at slower speeds, my other AoE’s in most colors hit much harder.

  • She is on my D team, but I have other higher end lends reds I could use. I am one of those people that doesn’t care about the D team so much as long as it keeps you where you need to be.

Am I missing something? It seems like I am trying to force her to work these days rather than her being perfect for something. Any ability she has can be relaxed and typically replaced more efficiently. Kind of a shame really. Last CoK I had to pull her for a base, unemblemed Viv for a cleanse because even with the emblems and fast speed she was a weak link.

The reason to boost Ranvir is he is my titan booster. I use him on any non yellow reflect titan. Basically daily. The emblems and resources seem better loaded onto a daily hero. It just sounds strange to say Zimkithia is that replaceable.

After Ranvir is maxed they go back onto Zim unless I miraculously manage a new great Druid. Aethers are another thing though. I couldn’t LB Ranvir just in the event I ever get a different titan booster. His use would plummet.

Am I missing something with Zim or is the sad truth she really isn’t what she was these days.


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My gut reaction was “don’t do it” but you do a great job outlining the logic of why you should reset her. I thought the fast cleanse would be the saving point but you’ve got answers for that.

My biggest question is if it’s worth it for Ranviir. Is he dying too early on titans? I don’t think a few extra nodes on him will be a game changer for titans. I think I’ve seen you say you use him in raids. So if you use him in raids and subsequently will not use Zim then it seems like a yes.


You can test how replaceable Zimkitha is by not using her a couple of weeks. If you don’t miss her during this time, then reset her :slight_smile:

Since I don’t have Ranvir and did not really fight against him either (I only know he is is considered to be a 5* Wu), I don’t have a very clear idea how useful would be to emblem him fully.


The alliance has been getting stronger from players getting stronger and a couple recent acquisitions. We were doing mostly 8’s and some times 9’s. Now it seems 9 are the norm and we’re taking down some 10’s. We still can’t beat an 11, but the few we’ve seen are in bad colors for us.

Basically he can take like 2 hits. Certain titans 3. If I get a bad board to start where I can’t stun my scores drop dramatically when he dies early and he can’t fire. Titan loot is a prime source for me as I don’t place in events so him being stronger seems to have an upside.

On a limited basis. I am not a regular raider anyway, but I did tinker. I think Griffin +19 & LB’d would replace him in the tests. I needed a sniper and has no other option. Griffin has been very solid. I like that guy. :+1:

That’s the thing. Aside from select narrow scenarios I am going out of my way to use her. For how limited those are Zim would still work without emblems i think.

Thanks @The_Seeker & @Ruskin505.


I made the right call. The biggest pro for Zim was the D team. Today I just got this guy:

I think he is the better D team hero.


Nope, Tyr is terrible on defense IMO. He’s an offensive hero only. Zim is unquestionably the better defender.

I would not do it. Ranvir is not that much better thannWu on titans, and there are not many cleaners in red. If you go mono against an Emilio or JF team Zim can be a life saver.
More druid emblems will come… be patient.

Happy gaming

I won’t strip Zimi, she’s not that great imho but a fast cleanse is almost always okay-ish.
However I won’t even get more emblems to ranvir: actually there’s no hero that can survive two shots from 14* titan, so once your ranvir can withstand the first shot he “accomplished” the survivability. If you want to improve your titan hits (and everyone should, at least to hit B score almost on every titan) you can focus on other hitters, troops, board management or item usage (while I don’t like the latter)

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