Resetting game progress

I enjoy this game and so I have a few accounts that I play. I also enjoy the building up portion of the game more than the mid or end game, so I would like to reset the progress in my alt accounts. However I have gotten resistance from the support team. Is this not allowed, or have I not pushed hard enough?

May we know why you want to reset the progress of your alt accounts? Such a waste of time, effort and resources resetting those. I’d rather create a new account using a new email address.



Why not this?!

Seems like an awful amount of work [to go to waste] for ending up in [essentially] the same place…


Depending on how you are doing it you may be able to reset your progress on your own. On android you can go into Play Games → Settings → and delete play games and account data. Then you can set up a new play games account and start over.

This assume you don’t have anything else connected to that account that you’d want to save.

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I find that I spend too much time playing all the different accounts that I have. It’s lack of self control on my part. If they’re gone then I don’t go back to them

Play Diablo instead, way cheaper

Any answers to my original question?

SG will delete your account/s if you ask them, via a Support Ticket…I know, because I did it. It’s a slowish process though, requiring your confirmation to their emails at various stages of the deletion. It is also fully terminal, so you can’t just reinstall and carry on where you left off, if that’s something you’re looking to avoid.

You’ll be creating a brand new account afterwards, which sounds like what you are trying to achieve.

Either way, good luck for the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I should add that SG would far prefer you to just uninstal the game, as to fully deleted an account is a headache at their end. They did explain what was involved but I’m not overly techy, so it didn’t mean much to me. That may be the resistance you were referring to, but stick to your guns and they will help you.

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Probably something to do with cutting purse strings. :grinning:


:rofl::sweat_smile:…not quite how they phrased it, but you’re most likely correct.


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