RESET Tournament Defense Grade each day of the Tournament

Well, tbh, I don’t think it’s fair that somebody with just one win on first day gets 5 times the A grade bonus either ! That’s a huge difference between both situations, completely unjustified by skills. Anything can happen over just one battle : a sh**ty def could win and a brilliant def could still lose, depending on how cooperative the board was to the attacking side. Now, if SG had a fix to make sure that my def gets attacked at least once a day, I’d take that. But obviously they haven’t. My proposal is a quick fallback solution. Everyday is a new day.


Wow, been awhile. I’m a little wiser now. Lol

Still think reset daily to rank C. 200pts a day plus/minus actual defense point adjustments. The grade only represents how you did for that day. End of the tourney be like a report card. A,A,B,E,A… you would finish with a combined score and added bonus of the grade for boosting… that player ends with a B rank.
3000pts + 300pts just as a random example.

Anyway, I join and take whatever I end up with at this point. Pvp never been a fair feature

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