RESET Tournament Defense Grade each day of the Tournament


So its day 3 and no attacks and I’m rank E. If game favors attackers, it doesnt mean my defense is bad.

Each day everyone should start at rank C.

If I dont get attacked, shouldn’t be penalized.

Are you saying you have not been attacked at all for the duration of the tournament, yet you’re grade E? That sounds like a bug…

No been attack 7 times in 3 days. Seems that they trying to score us on a set defense score. I’m just saying each day is a new chance. Let’s say I get attacked once. That day would mean my defense performed superb and I should be scored for day at rank A. Now say someone at the top with 10wins 1loss in defense gets attacked once and losses. Right now he stays at A or drops to B. Really he did horrible and should be rank E.

This scoring now, will never let me “catch up”.

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Nah. It’s a tournament. Set and forget…and hope for the best…

I’m at defense E and not complaining only 2 losses…one loss a day …0 victories and I would love to switch my team but no…I’ll settle for what I put initially

@Justab0x u have only been attacked 2 times? When u made that post?

So yesterday, I only got attacked once. Whole point of this post is to help make the game feature more practical. If anyone wants take this tournament to it’s full potential, feedback like this is important. Way things are, I dont want day1 to decide my fate.


Yep that’s the data there… only 2 attacks and one was day one early in tourney and well one a day ago . Not lucky.
I had to make all my points via victories and went 18-2… by sheer luck …as most battles weren’t easy …
One match winning w 18health on my last surviving character who got the special to take out the last opposing hero

I do think the Defense needs to be re-visited. I lost a defense on Day 1 and haven’t been attacked since. Stuck at E with no way to improve

He did not mean that each day you can put a new defense, he meant each day the record should be reset and new grade accordingly. I had 2300 power team or so, was attacked and lost in first hour and that was my only match. Day 1 E score 0-1. 3 more days of E score with record 0-0. You have my vote for this one!


Yep. That’s the same way I interpreted it as.

Yeah, same defense, but start daily at rank C.

Yes, it does not make sense at all to use the overall (cumulated) defense for a daily score.


I did not realize it at the first tournament because I never got attacked at that time. My first thought was that it is refreshed daily but it turn out to be cumulative.

You have my vote on this one.

But it could also pose a problem in the last days when a lot of players unable to attack after collecting 4 defeats. Many won’t get attacked.

I feel this torni event is fine the way it is. It is a different event which have have all been asking for and as a bonus it offers using the rare hero’s which we have all been asking for, it also offers a different concept to which heros, troops and talents making each torni different which we have all been asking for.

Really I don’t see why there are so many complaints given it’s only a new event which hasn’t had time to mature.

Give it at leadt a month or so and see what other options it offers in the way of differences between each torni and see who long it takes befire we reach full circle.

You all asked for this so enjoy it

If the way they intend for this to work is everyone gets attacked about the same number of times everyday…there is no need to change a thing with defense scoring. Now if they intend it that you can go days without being attacked then the scoring system needs to go out the window and the default should not be C.

Either way, I would prefer a defense score based on # of heroes your defense kills. Why should a loss when you kill 4 attackers count the same against you as someone who put up 1* heroes in a 5* tournament.

This because if I understand the scoring system correctly for this torni, we get points for attack/defense difficulty meaning if your opponent has a 1 star team as you say and you attack with a 5* team their difficulty score will be far better than yours. Go in with an equivalent type team and you reduce that difficulty difference and then it’s based more on who wins a more evenly matched battle.

I was only attacked twice this last torni , but having said that you still get 200 points a day if not attacked yet if you are and lose then it would be less so for me it’s a win win.

What I am surprised about seeing all these complaints is that no one has complained about the vast difference between the rewards that where first introduced per level of win and the what it is now which far less and worse. Has anyone even caught on to that yet?

Because the developer already explained that the loot is temporarily reduced.

Thanks for that, must have missed that read.


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This is for raid tournaments.
Last time my def was attacked only once the first day, and I suffered the consequences of an E grade during the full duration of the tourney. Kind of unfair.
I propose that the def grade be reset to C by default, at the beginning of each tournament day.

How would be this fair? Let’s say my defense is undefeated 4 days in a row, 20 times. And in day 5 I am attacked only once and get defeated. Having E grade in the last day would only be BS, because it wouldn’t reflect the reality. The real grade of the defense is 20-1, no matter what.

Besides, if you had a victory there, you wouldn’t have opened this thread :wink:

Indeed, the system should be improved, but not like this. Improvement by ensuring a team is attacked at least 3 times a day.