Reset token used but no food/returned

I reset Sabina today and to my dismay, no food or iron was returned. I’m not sure why. Previously resetting a hero partial food and iron was returned. See below as just emblems were returned. I also check inventory and there were no bundles. Can someone explain scenarios that would not allow us to get those materials back?

I guess you used gems for reset? You only get a partial refund if you use a reset-token

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I used a reset token

Unless I fat fingered it…

The reset token shows up in recent activity if you use one.

Edit: Your recent activity shows “Gems updated”.

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20 characters of not needed. Posted at same time as already explained.

The main question has already been answered (gems were used for reset, not a reset emblem) but I thought it interesting to note that the returned food/iron is not shown in recent activity when a reset emblem is used. I did it a few days ago and did get the crates of food so it did work correctly.


This is probably because you didn’t get any 3* crates (100k food/iron) or higher. 150 emblems returned probably don’t give that much resources back.


That stinks… too bad there isnt a reset reset token

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