Reset Token - refund resources too

Just an idea. If using a reset token allows all emblems to be returned. Wouldn’t it be plausible to also return 60% of the food cost as well, though I’m thinking 75% returned sounds better. But, if using gems to reset emblems, then if would also be reduced food returned. Say a 40% - 50% food cost returned.

Yo, I Was Just Thinking About This Very Thing, Because I Had Just Reset Guinevere

The tricky but is that you wouldn’t have the storage to hold all the refunded food and ironn as for a 5* it’s in the multi-millions.

So it would mostly be lost anyway unless you gutted all your storage.


They do have the food and iron packs from path of Valor.
So it would be easy for them, to return the resources in such packages.


I know food is the one thing that players struggle to keep in storages. Before emblems were introduced, I personally had issues with using a lot of food. Even with crafting items, just seems like I could never use enough. Since emblems, I struggle with keeping food on hand. I reset Magni(18) in favor of placing those emblems on Tyr. Once Magni was reset, I only had enough ham stored to put 1 node on Tyr. All of my food storages are maxed. So having that additional food returned might have allowed me to take Tyr to 8 or 9 nodes.

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He Was Talking About All The Food and Iron Being Refunded, Just 40-60% At Least Enough To Level Another Hero. What I Would Do If This Was To Happen Would Be Store All My Food And Iron In Training/Crafting First Before Reset And Then Just Retract The Training/Crafting Items To Get Resources Back

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Could it be plausible to have food and iron returned based on a percentage of free storage space available? Example; if my storages are all maxed and I have 30% stored for each. Then refunding a max of 60-70% of storage available. That would be roughly 1 million food and iron returned. I’m sure that coding something like that could prove to be difficult as players have different percentages of available space in those storages.

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I think a better and easier solution ( development-wise ) would calculate how many rows you used on the previous hero and allow you to upgrade 80% of those steps on the new hero.

So if you have 10 talent enabled on the previous hero, you can add 8 talents at no cost.

This will allow players to do team tests better and could bring variation back to the game.

That’s why I fully support it.


That’s still a huge amount

Maybe instead there could be a transfer token that will allow you to transfer emblems from one hero to another with a set resource cost to do so, say 40-50% cost (to avoid abuse). Leftover emblems would become available for use with the extra resources (ham/iron) you have available.


I do think they should add a bank for food and Iron (one building) its a win for any player base, sure a extra building but the game has evolde so much its more stuff added each time that costs more. Some people ain’t savy to store ham in a training camp or iron in one of the new buildings.
Give us a food Iron bank we worked for it surely that counts aswell.

Other MMO I play refund 100% of your emblems, food and iron. For free.

Your food CAN exceed your storage for a single transaction but you cannot put MORE food in storage until you have at least 1 food space available. Same for iron.


They also allow free resets of a single node, branch or an entire skill tree.

These game are much more fun to experiment with, discover new tactics, discover new strategies, and generally explore.

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Then I could have built HA10 without needing to max my Iron Storages.
Or I could have researched the same level without needing to max my Food Storages.

Highly doubtful this will ever happen, but bundles would be the safer bet.

After Stronghold level 12, Empires is less Fun 2 Play and more Pay 2 Play.


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[Rant] An unhealthy obsession with Stronghold 25


Progress from Two Years as FTP


Yes,100% on board for me!

Yeah there are a lot of problems with emblems in general but especially around the inflexibility.

I’d be very happy to see something like this.

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Even Less Than That Would Be Better Than Nothing

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