Reset Token for Troops

I am pretty sure I have read @SamMe Suggest it somewhere as a QOL improvement.

I really hope that SG would consider allowing us to reset Troop Levels. Maybe Similar to Emblems?

To get a 4* Troop can (and Usually does) take forever.

Personally I have no Purple Mana Troops. All the other colours have Crit Troops at almost lv 23 and only recently started getting Mana troops in the other colours. I however know that it takes a boat load of resources and 224 years to level another troop to the Magic Lv23.

I would reset all my Crit troops in a heartbeat, if it were possible to do so…

I like this idea!

Though I am unfortunately out of votes.


Gets my vote 100%. And this would be a good idea under the quality of life improvements banner.
It took me over two years to get a 4* yellow mana troop by which time I had got my critical troop to lvl.25


Thanks for creating this thread @EVO. Yes, I suggested a non-gem ability to reset troops in the restoring enthusiasm for long term players thread.

It would be very nice if we could reset troops back to level one, and get all of the feeder troops back. Especially since they released Ninja troop last year.

Unfortunately I am out of votes too. :sweat_smile:

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It has my vote, even if I know it won’t get implemented.


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