Reset talent tree to a level and switching nodes after unlocking them

2 thoughts here:

  1. When resetting a hero’s emblems, give the ability to choose what level to keep the hero at.

For instance, if I want to reset Wu Kong to get emblems for Wilbur, let me keep Wu Kong at level 1 rather than an all or nothing (if I choose). This saves me the 1/2 emblems and the food/iron.

This comes more into play if I want to take Gill-Ra from 20 to 10 so I can bring Cochin to 10 - that saves a lot of food/iron.

  1. After unlocking a talent tree to a certain level (5 or 10 or 15 or max), give the ability to switch nodes within the tree. That way we don’t have to do a complete reset if we decide that armor was a better direction than attack for that character.

Was just about to make a similar suggestion.

except, keeping with the spirit of SG wanting us to use iron/food/gems I think this can be simpler that the OP recommends.

When you reset the talent tree (via gems or reset emblems), you get to choose the level that it resets to. All other mechanisms stay in place. So if your +10 hero needs to take a different path from level 5-10, you reset to level 5 and then make your changes. If you want to move the emblems from that +10 hero to the latest and greatest that you leveled except you want to leave that first level in place, you reset to level 1.

Honestly any system that allows me to avoid a complete reset would be fine with me.


100% agree

20 partial resets

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