Reset refund of 20% Food and Iron

The latest update said that if you reset a heros emblems you would receive 20% of the consumed food and iron back as the game balances. I reset Zeline 4 days ago, received all emblems back, bit no food or iron.

The food and Iron would come in the bundles


You probably did the same as me and reset using gems. You only get the ham and iron back if you use a reset token. Seems a bit stingy but hey…

Take care of the fine print and/or check if you received bundles. Everything above 10k is refund und bundles

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I know I used reset emblem not gems.

Absolutely used a reset emblem not gems…no bundles of food or iron.

A screenshot from recent activity showing the refund would be useful

4 days ago means you may have done it before the change went ‘live’? Even though the game was updated, the change wasn’t live until Wednesday morning US time.

I have screenshot…cant copy image

That sounds like a maybe…think they will adjust? I had no idea that an update could be used before it went “live”

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