Reset & Re-Classing Projects (share your experience)

I’ve been through my fair share of these and would appreciate hearing about yours!


My recent Guinevere reset from 4/80(18) resulted in a more even distribution than my original focus on Speed (Z/Sar) as I had experience with the Dual Hels in the higher 1 digit class range before I had to reset them to class Guin high for my War-D! In the case of these 4 Wizards of wonder, the end results (which may maintain right where they are) I would say is a very fair trade for the Queen.


  1. I reset Kage 4/80(18) to be replaced by Khiona on my War-D…

  2. She is not my style, gave her my fair try, would be real happy to have Kage back – just not going through that effort as now as I have BK @ 4/80(19) and dual Malosi at (4) and (2) with plans to rise.

  3. All 5 of my unique maxed Rogues have all been provided their talent to start off. I have come back full circle to my original strategy: “My Strategy is Simple: It is based on Enabling Talent!” It was a strategy pretty much scoffed at by many I spoke with. Its simple logic turned out to be my truth in the end.

  • During a recent OLD directory cleanup, I came across a screenshot of my 1st class raid-defense that I ran vs everyone up until the average classed defensive hero was 7-9 or more (and it held lol fairly well thanks Hels).

  • The original forum thread is here: AGE of the CLASSED EPICS! it may have been adjusted some on my TM site.

  1. My intent with these ROGUES is primarily offensive/War Attack Teams/Raids with their classing (I don’t class for Titans specifically – I’ve ways around that). Boots is likely the only potential for a seat on the War-D in the future with my bench.

  2. I assembled the Hero Utility cards for a baseline as I always do. In reviewing realize that 1st classing enables their talent and the only base card figure adjusted is the Power by 5 pts.

  3. Outlined my path with the Class Node BOM(b) I would take for each Rogue to start. I’ve 975 emblems left to disperse. @265 can take any to class 6. @330 any to class 7. I will not take the 125 emblems jump again a 3rd time around – not for identified purposes. /50/50/65/50/50/65/125.

How I have approached the classing of each prospect (emblem use) …

(using the CLASS NODE BOM(b) a free utility at the Titan Mafia site)

Inari I consider an absolute game changer ( if she fires), Musashi / Khiona if they get to multi fire are great or they happen to time right in the battle they can be a key to ending it, Marjana is a certain death giver in most cases (even 2) and stands strong like a Seshat w/o the minion (regardless of card values) & her burn kills many more than many think over those turns. Boots can be big trouble amongst other summoners, solid health and attack up for the team and has their own triple set of minions as well. Boots special I think is best overall for the team. BOOTS is really the only hero here that I do not have a fair amount of experience with now.

It was NOT on my radar to reset Khiona today, just next . However, being FORCED into ELEMENTAL POSITIONING for WAR aaahhhhchooo aahhchchhoobulllsssshut! Excuse me, got a sniffle. I’m not sticking the Avg 1 hitter ( non-sniper ) Khiona Wing and negating 1/3 or her Special on a regular basis. BOOM! So, she’s gone today! LOL. I am a sticker on this topic (it has its application – however limited to bench depth and equality between players) as well I am with alliances that require you manufacture and use Poons to attack Titans. Outside of those however I am a good mediator/ open ha ha ha. Or maybe not. LOL. So here is a common Defensive lineup (Joon usually right wing for me - ohh Rana made it to class 11 and he replaced her and Sartana is sitting in for the fired Khiona). Still work to do. I may max one of my Rigard’s (Dapper Dan) for Dark replacement at this point, still up in the air. I run primarily a 3/2 Raid Defense now and it works well for me, there are not many alliances that will allow that on their field.



PLEASE SHARE some of your personal reset experiences and post disbursement of the Emblems.

  • what did you do different or wiser/smarter the 2nd time around?

  • or the 3rd as in my case here.


Thanks Guys, this walk through helped me get to where I needed to be (and may make the classing adjustments for a couple pre-war).

WARLIVE w/ RAZ-n-ROX on YOUTUBE this Wed starting at half-time.



Not as much detail as what you’ve got here Raz but I’ve been making some sweeping changes also to emblems courtesy of war defence changes and new heroes coming / being ascended

TLDR: sometimes mass emblem movements are unavoidable. New heroes coming to your roster/ being maxed are going to happen… Waiting for the “perfect” line-up before using the emblems is senseless!

1 - Wizards: Onatel -> Sartana (costume focus).

Currently am finishing respecing my wizard emblems.

I had previously been running Jabberwock on my defence but had an emblem conflict between Drake and Jabberwock… So when I picked up Sartana costume it offered a new purple who worked as a wing and didn’t have an emblem conflict.

So yeah, Onatel (who was just on offence) got reset from +15 to 0 and sartana Costume is now +17 (soon +18)…

Excess emblems I’ll put onto Onatel again.

2 - Monk: Jabberwock -> Drake

This is a consolidation one. Was previously splitting emblems for war defence (on each wing).

Now that Sartana costume is on one wing I plan to reset +9 Jabberwock to consolidate Drake Fong (now +14) to +18 total.

Excess back to Jabberwock.

3 - Barbarians: BK -> GM.

Like jabber above, have a minor split of barbarian emblems between GM & BK. Will reset +5 BK to consolidate onto +16 GM.

When I get another couple scopes I’ll ascend Magni & Costume; then I can reset +15 Grimm and put all new barbarian emblems onto BK.

4 - Paladins: various -> Telluria

Am working on Telluria now (for war defence) so I will be resetting various heroes to gather the emblems back (Aegir, Roostley and Arthur).

Once consolidated, excess emblems will go back on King Arthur.

5 - Fighter: Yunan -> Killhare

When Telluria becomes war tank I will reset Yunan (+18 current war tank) and consolidate emblems onto Killhare (+5 current).

Excess I’ll probably split between Panther & Elena Costume


Sweet trade out, gotta be hard to put Jabber back in the cage though - DRAKE the SNAKE - still my personal best in class hero, can’t argue your choice. Hope Sartana costumed (obviously all stats UP! - turns out to be what you hope her to be). I was really hoping they would trick out her special :frowning:

Nice quick reset/reclass Gov on Sartana! Dang Onatel too :frowning: She has to be hard to set aside too? I don’t have her however highly respect her.

I can respect this for sure. GM is just to me much more dangerous (and Malosi completely shuts down BK whereas GM still messes you up without the burn)…

You will absolutely feel the difference with that consolidation. I have Roostley - just couldn’t pull the trigger. Arthur in the alt (for me never an issue though his SS sounds amazing in rarely turns into much imo - many do well with him though). Aegir can be a bastard… however TELLURIA RULES THIS ROOST! Nice Gov.

Really thought Yunan was going to become a king as he appears… shame. Tell trumps KUN-ONA-NAN!!! Ona-Nan! Twinning Legends LOL

KILLHARE says it all in the name “KILL KILL KILL, NOW NOW NOW” Total beast grats on obtaining!

Thanks for the share Guv some great moves your making! Me… hmmm ha ha ha


This is where I got to PRE-WAR… The small boost I hope makes Inari more viable in my case I love her!!! When she fires. :slight_smile: She was actually my first Holy choice I believe reaching class 17 and got reset…


I tried out the SAKURA family FRONT (Kage, Mitz, Inari) - it didn’t work well… for me. Saving up to get them all to 7 unless I bring Mush into the pic…


Yeah; ultimately Jabberwock will go back into defence on the opposite wing but I need more Monk emblems for that!!

So in like 12 months time haha

Onatel was indeed hard to reset but the reality is I just use her on offence these days (and occasional tournament)… But again, I’ll give her excess emblems and don’t have any other wizard 5* options.

Yunan I am also sad about :frowning: I’ll still use him as my defence tank as I vowed to not use Telluria for that purpose. But it’ll be with fewer / no emblems… Maybe I’ll make a family bonus defence with Killhare at tank and Yunan flank lol.


Look forward to your stories players!
Best Success in your upcoming WAR!



Thank you!
Awesome Guv! Appreciate it.

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Or if it’s a live AMA style thing you can always make a new #community-content thread :slight_smile:


Interesting discussion

Will add my experience later

Using this post as a placeholder

Cause i can…


I’m liking this discussion too. I’ve been looking at re embleming a few heroes lately. Will be nice to see how others make their decisions and what helps weigh who gets the emblems over others. I’ll share mine once I make the plunge. THIS is what the forums should be for. These kind of discussions are what bring me back. Thanks for starting it @Razor!


On my dunce account (the one that despite spending lots of money I didn’t draw a 5* for a year and a half), I decided to emblem up as many 3* teams as I could for those tournaments, just because they used to be the only fun thing left in the game (now even 3* aren’t fun, thanks SGG!).

I also started leveling up a 2* troop for them, so my 4* troops are all in the 18-21 range, and my 2* are levels 7-8 and climbing!

@Razor, @Rigs, @Wholf & @TheDayHasCome (and anyone else browsing this topic).

I was curious how much all my emblem movements would cost me… so I made a little calculator which totals up the food & iron & emblem costs of assigning emblems.

It will also (as an asside) calculate how far you can progress a talent grid on a given hero, how much that will cost, how many emblems are left over & how many are requried for the next talent.


Wow nice resource! That’s one of the issues holding me back is knowing the food costs will be high. This will be great to maybe help plan a little better. Thanks!


So using my emblem tool (link above) I have worked out some costs…

So far my re-assignment has cost me:
Emblems = 1,290
Food = 11,124,000
Iron = 8,832,000
Reset Tokens = 2

Using the 2x Reset tokens cost me previously spent resources:
Food = 7,606,000
Iron = 6,044,000

Remaining Reassignment cost:
Food = 31,407,000
Iron = 25,002,000
Emblems = 3,452
Reset tokens = 4

Using the 4x Reset Tokens will result in wastage of previous material spent:
Food = 18,929,000
Iron = 15,038,000

Total Cost:
Emblems moved = 4,742
Food Cost = 42,531,000
Iron Cost = 33,834,000
Reset Tokens = 6

Wasted Food & Iron from previous Emblem Allocations:
Food = 26,535,000
Iron = 21,082,000


Now that my friend is Government Job WELL DONE! I’ll be nabbing that - You DA governor Guv! Thank you!

Also strongly agree with your reduced cost idea versus my and @DracoLovesRi 's COIN idea :slight_smile:


Those are truly staggering #S!
I can’t bare to even look at it again Guv! :sob:


I’ve just reached the stage where I am considering stripping and re-embleming for the first time. I had thrown lots of emblems on some of my 4 stars because didn’t have maxed 5s but now have to decide if it’s worth it or if they should stay because they improve my 4star tourney team. I have boril +20 but outside of tourney defence I rarely use him and Grazul with those emblems could probably be more worthwhile. I also have Boldtusk +18 but Kingston, Tyr and Poseidon are on their last ascension (after a good AR farm next week they should be close to max hopefully) and despite how much I still use BT I think the others deserve them more. Plenty of reset emblems so no issue there. Lancelot is also at +7 so he will definitely lose his. Need to decide whether to use all emblems on one or spread them around a bit. Gonna be making lots of use of @Guvnor 's calculator to figure out cost efficiency.


Great deal here is cost for 4*'s was less and you got to put some great heroe’s to use. If you have Boril Costumed (I use in higher level Top 700 to Top-50 wars currently. If not costumed (no 4 base card bonus and not full AOE) - yes I would personally reset and give to Grazul. I can say in my experience to date with her being VF I haven’t put a single one on her (want to but have gone elsehwere - shes tough) - so keep in mind.

BT/Kiril used to fit my bill, both replaced with costumed Rigard and Melendors (as personal preferences) and prefer by far in costumed state. No costume is different though. I loved BT early on in classing but more 5* player but nearly always have a special 4* on a team honestly… BT I had full and another close now 1 at class 3 because I had extra. Absolutely Kingston or Poseidon deserve, Tyr I have 3/70 so you would have to take advice elsewhere I’d rather face Tyr then King/or the God of the sea. If any of these 3 make it onto your war defense go as high as you can and you will need to to be on a competitive team for survivability. IF NOT, I’d personally split them. i.e I have as you see above take 2 that were class 18/19 5* and distributed so i have 4 5* at 6, 6, 7, 7 totally a great move imo. I wish you great success in costumes for 4*

Kiril/Sonya - amazing pairing (even on top-50 team)
Rigard/Tib - amazing pairing (even on top-50 team)
Talk to @Ebonest best 4* strategist I know - works his narrow 5* bench amazing with 4*. Li, Bryn, Skittle, so many can stand up in a Top-50 war @Kilted - some paired well are better then 5* heroes but those you have mentioned are all TOP-SHELF

We both visited Batman Redrum together - he was top war scorer, moved him to Batman Returns with me - he was top war scorer for some time.

Hope helps sorry was really quick…

PS if your Troops are low - strongly suggest you glance on my blah at TheDEN sidebar with Athena (i.e. RANGERS and ROUGES thier 8th node mana gets them the extra tile with 4* level 5 as I recall) and use the CLass Node BOM(b) for path planning!!!

I ate my Vivicas maxed because I prefer Rigard-C and Mel-C for speed (don’t recommend by any means some do great with her not my style - her card makes her more attractive than she performs for me)


I use Green regular (Bold I guess I added another 3 - am using him a bit)… Just my playstyle. Use Falcon more.

so more than 17 of my maxed 5* are benched and the 4s stated get used…

I’m also a believer FOR CERTAIN now that every hero should be 1st classed I use - they should have their talent enabled whatever % it is. Done ranting LOL take care my friend.

Ha ha guess not… last look back comment. DO NOT 3/70 5* UNLESS YOU KNOW FOR A FACT YOU WILL MAX


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