Reset & Re-Classing Projects (share your experience)

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Awesome Guv! Appreciate it.

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Or if it’s a live AMA style thing you can always make a new #community-content thread :slight_smile:


Interesting discussion

Will add my experience later

Using this post as a placeholder

Cause i can…


I’m liking this discussion too. I’ve been looking at re embleming a few heroes lately. Will be nice to see how others make their decisions and what helps weigh who gets the emblems over others. I’ll share mine once I make the plunge. THIS is what the forums should be for. These kind of discussions are what bring me back. Thanks for starting it @Razor!


On my dunce account (the one that despite spending lots of money I didn’t draw a 5* for a year and a half), I decided to emblem up as many 3* teams as I could for those tournaments, just because they used to be the only fun thing left in the game (now even 3* aren’t fun, thanks SGG!).

I also started leveling up a 2* troop for them, so my 4* troops are all in the 18-21 range, and my 2* are levels 7-8 and climbing!

@Razor, @Rigs, @Wholf & @TheDayHasCome (and anyone else browsing this topic).

I was curious how much all my emblem movements would cost me… so I made a little calculator which totals up the food & iron & emblem costs of assigning emblems.

It will also (as an asside) calculate how far you can progress a talent grid on a given hero, how much that will cost, how many emblems are left over & how many are requried for the next talent.


Wow nice resource! That’s one of the issues holding me back is knowing the food costs will be high. This will be great to maybe help plan a little better. Thanks!


So using my emblem tool (link above) I have worked out some costs…

So far my re-assignment has cost me:
Emblems = 1,290
Food = 11,124,000
Iron = 8,832,000
Reset Tokens = 2

Using the 2x Reset tokens cost me previously spent resources:
Food = 7,606,000
Iron = 6,044,000

Remaining Reassignment cost:
Food = 31,407,000
Iron = 25,002,000
Emblems = 3,452
Reset tokens = 4

Using the 4x Reset Tokens will result in wastage of previous material spent:
Food = 18,929,000
Iron = 15,038,000

Total Cost:
Emblems moved = 4,742
Food Cost = 42,531,000
Iron Cost = 33,834,000
Reset Tokens = 6

Wasted Food & Iron from previous Emblem Allocations:
Food = 26,535,000
Iron = 21,082,000


Now that my friend is Government Job WELL DONE! I’ll be nabbing that - You DA governor Guv! Thank you!

Also strongly agree with your reduced cost idea versus my and @DracoLovesRi 's COIN idea :slight_smile:


Those are truly staggering #S!
I can’t bare to even look at it again Guv! :sob:


I’ve just reached the stage where I am considering stripping and re-embleming for the first time. I had thrown lots of emblems on some of my 4 stars because didn’t have maxed 5s but now have to decide if it’s worth it or if they should stay because they improve my 4star tourney team. I have boril +20 but outside of tourney defence I rarely use him and Grazul with those emblems could probably be more worthwhile. I also have Boldtusk +18 but Kingston, Tyr and Poseidon are on their last ascension (after a good AR farm next week they should be close to max hopefully) and despite how much I still use BT I think the others deserve them more. Plenty of reset emblems so no issue there. Lancelot is also at +7 so he will definitely lose his. Need to decide whether to use all emblems on one or spread them around a bit. Gonna be making lots of use of @Guvnor 's calculator to figure out cost efficiency.


Great deal here is cost for 4*'s was less and you got to put some great heroe’s to use. If you have Boril Costumed (I use in higher level Top 700 to Top-50 wars currently. If not costumed (no 4 base card bonus and not full AOE) - yes I would personally reset and give to Grazul. I can say in my experience to date with her being VF I haven’t put a single one on her (want to but have gone elsehwere - shes tough) - so keep in mind.

BT/Kiril used to fit my bill, both replaced with costumed Rigard and Melendors (as personal preferences) and prefer by far in costumed state. No costume is different though. I loved BT early on in classing but more 5* player but nearly always have a special 4* on a team honestly… BT I had full and another close now 1 at class 3 because I had extra. Absolutely Kingston or Poseidon deserve, Tyr I have 3/70 so you would have to take advice elsewhere I’d rather face Tyr then King/or the God of the sea. If any of these 3 make it onto your war defense go as high as you can and you will need to to be on a competitive team for survivability. IF NOT, I’d personally split them. i.e I have as you see above take 2 that were class 18/19 5* and distributed so i have 4 5* at 6, 6, 7, 7 totally a great move imo. I wish you great success in costumes for 4*

Kiril/Sonya - amazing pairing (even on top-50 team)
Rigard/Tib - amazing pairing (even on top-50 team)
Talk to @Ebonest best 4* strategist I know - works his narrow 5* bench amazing with 4*. Li, Bryn, Skittle, so many can stand up in a Top-50 war @Kilted - some paired well are better then 5* heroes but those you have mentioned are all TOP-SHELF

We both visited Batman Redrum together - he was top war scorer, moved him to Batman Returns with me - he was top war scorer for some time.

Hope helps sorry was really quick…

PS if your Troops are low - strongly suggest you glance on my blah at TheDEN sidebar with Athena (i.e. RANGERS and ROUGES thier 8th node mana gets them the extra tile with 4* level 5 as I recall) and use the CLass Node BOM(b) for path planning!!!

I ate my Vivicas maxed because I prefer Rigard-C and Mel-C for speed (don’t recommend by any means some do great with her not my style - her card makes her more attractive than she performs for me)


I use Green regular (Bold I guess I added another 3 - am using him a bit)… Just my playstyle. Use Falcon more.

so more than 17 of my maxed 5* are benched and the 4s stated get used…

I’m also a believer FOR CERTAIN now that every hero should be 1st classed I use - they should have their talent enabled whatever % it is. Done ranting LOL take care my friend.

Ha ha guess not… last look back comment. DO NOT 3/70 5* UNLESS YOU KNOW FOR A FACT YOU WILL MAX


@Razor wow lots of really helpful thoughts there thanks.

Kingston and Poseidon will prob both go onto my war defence ( we use green tanks and my best just now is kash+14) So Kingston will tank and I will prob go shield route to try keep him alive longer. Poseidon will end up on the opposite wing to my max Dom, Grazul after she gets the emblems will replace BT on flank and for now my Justice will be the other flank till I get working on Richard who I just got in last costume event and haven’t started yet.


Kash was awesome in my 4* play, 5 he took a dive like a car off a cliff (especially as a green heal on offense). Costume may help that I’m not sure…

You will do awesome with them on D (King/Poseidon) King can tank better in 5* tank play than Kash (no costume) just personal opinion the speed the power ad fire resist as well. DOM/GRAZ Justice can be trouble with right tiling Richard is a monster imo - your solid! @Kilted I realize it could be ‘better’ with top shelf like Vela, Telly, GM etc… just play your style you will hang with em


Guys I dont have Zocc MAXED lol, just put in to make sure it worked when he was released! Dont have him went 1/2 before midnight for Noor instead…


Final note lol. The following I find have been effective without CLASSING…

if on your raid or war D however, yes Class… just imo/experience and we all play diff


My experience with resetting emblems is… try to stick with a hero and reset as little as possible.

Iron management is already hard as is.


Even without VIP, am only shifting 400 emblems per war. Take +18 off a 4* and give them to a 5*. If you get a new 4* hero that must get emblems, and there’s nowhere you want to take it from (i.e., you’ll be stuffing the victim with emblems again later), you can save iron by stealing from a 5* instead of a 4*.


For me.

My war defense goes to +19 or +20(depending on what 20th node is) for emblems asap

Then rest of emblems go to my war offense which my war offense heroes are my most used heroes anyways

I don’t emblem for titans cause i feel it’s unnecessary

I don’t emblem for tourneys cause i feel it’s unnecessary

I don’t emblem for challenge events cause I’m not pushin for top 10 and with the heroes i have, the lowest rank tier that offers a 4* mat in each difficulty each event is reachable without emblems(tho some i havent done in a few months cause the only 4* mats i want are rings these days)

I don’t emblem for world map

I use my war offense in raids

So to simplify:

War defense 1st priority
War offense 2nd priority

4* vs 5* all depends on my war offense teams

Have 2 costume rigards emblemed to 14. Only 2 4* i have emblemed.

I just recently reset costume boldtusk

I have thought about lady woolerton but i really don’t care for more than 2 of my yellows in a given team and when i ran mono, i used viv+guin and still only used yellow on mops. Without an average mana cleanse or a fast dispel or average/fast defense debuffer…yellow is probably my most hated color to use. Gazelle could change that if i ever get her.

Main goal imo for the long term should be 5* heroes. As many and as high as possible(of course stretch nodes across 20 5s if possible but the 20 as a whole should be as high as they can go…i say 20 instead of 30 again cause of my case where i dont go for 6 1 shots and mop teams dont need emblems since the battle is typically half won before i enter the match). Almost every 4* you emblem is temporary imo. As soon as you stop using a 4* hero, and you know you’re usin a 5* hero in same class, i would strip the 4* and put it on the 5*

Again this is just me and what seems to be workin for me. Ymmv


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