Reset Point Total over 1,500

Can anyone explain why a reset would give more than 1,500 points? In my current war our opponent received 1,527 for resetting us. When we reset them we will receive 1,533 points.

Something about rounding would be my guess

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You can get round up on either (or both) of the two components that make up the score. First is 1/3 of the total split evenly between participants. 500 points between 30 is 16.667 or rounded 17 points each. 17*30 is 510 so right there you gained 10 on theoretical 1500. Same can happen with the 1000 split by health points.

I know rounding can cause that, but I also think that the available points from each defense team goes up if they level up any of those heroes during the war.

Probably not a factor if every team on the board is already max level, but my alliance is still growing, so it’s not uncommon for my members to increase their defensive TPs while the war is in progress. I’ve even leveled heroes on my defense team while someone on the other team was attacking me (and wondered whether or not that affects their battle in any way).

It should be readjusting all team scores if one is leveled. It could result in a net increase or a net decrease.

I thought that my alliance’s defense teams would be weighted heavier if they got to higher levels than they were when matchmaking concluded (as leveling them would also increase our war score). But that’s just a guess.

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