Reset my account plz

Hey game developers I need my game reset cuz I’m not going to be on for a while, I’d appreciate it if u can get back to me. I rlly wish u guys would put start new game somewhere in he game for some ppl that had things come up and can’t play the game for awhile. I tried the in game support but y’all fixed it so it will say u guys can’t when Ik u guys can because u did it for me when I was going to boot camp, well I’m back now cuz of failure to adjust. Anyways plz get back to me about resetting my game, I started it but I didn’t know that I was going to be busy.

Why would you want it to be reset when you are not able to play for some time?
All you progress will be lost so why not just uninstall and reinstall when you are back? Then all you have accomplished till now will still be there…

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Cuz I lose out on stuff I would’ve gain plus lose trophies and all that, it’s a pain so I’d just want to start over

The only thing you loose is cups but who cares about those? I really do not see what the advantage is.
But I think you will need to open a ticket to get it done

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Unfortunatetely the forum cannot deal with specific cases; this is something only Support can do.

While it may be frustrating, using the support tickets is the only way that this can be dealt with & resolved.

If you have transcripts / emails from previous support tickets will help in your efforts to get your account locked/unlocked again. Otherwise, any screenshots you can provide them of your In-Game account details and whatnot will have to suffice.

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