Reset in alliance wars

we kill all opponens we sopost to reset them thay just reborn one by one.

Are you absolutely sure there wasn’t a team that maybe had a single hero alive?


Pics would help to clarify your concerns. As has been previously mentioned, the battlefield won’t reset if there is still an undefeated hero on the other side.

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Sorry to not be clear, but pics of the battlefield?! :confounded:.

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The way I’m reading the chat I’m thinking that while the player was attacking the last one, another team revived?


im not new in this game i know how reset works its not my first time to make an reset. this time was diferent there was only one hero left, i kill him. the time for reburn it was more than 15min for one player. different player was reburn. when i kill that one another one reburn. is it now clear.

That is strange. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

I would fill in a support ticket then, as it sounds very strange.

Simple as it is whenever is one opponent left on the battle field you kill him and they get reset. that’s the system suppose to work but not in this case. I did not know that this was going to happened so why should i make screen shot before and after my hits. the time zone its not effected here because there is a timer when the opponent needs to be reborn. This happend 13/14h ago. around 1/1:30 last night. War Cedarvale vs Philippine Bagani

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