Reset Hero and Return items Option for Nerfed Hero's

I would perfer this over emlbem reset. You can tell SG only listened to top 100 when it came to refund options, otherwise this would have been made top of list.

This option would would help everyone that had Tell or Vela and need to assend new heros in there place.

exactly a full refund

btw unrelated, but I cant seem to find how to create a NEW topic?
I seem to be able to reply to existing ones just fine

Actually, everyone got emblems, reset token and food/iron bundle as a gift, not just those that have tellu/vela maxed, which makes it even more ridiculous.
Now after both of those heroes are nerfed into below-average, I would like my mats, ham/iron and feeders back. These are not heroes I have decided to spend hard earned (and bought) mats and resources on.

Mats are just as hard to get as the emblems, and would like this option as well.

I can get emblems back using reset token, but mats and other resources are gone for good.


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