Reset emblems: what’s the use?

I’m sitting on 41 reset emblems…there is no way I’ll ever use these things. It’s too time consuming and resource intensive to actually use them. SG ranks them as extremely valuable based on how and where they drop. I wish we could trade these in for something…maybe some tornadoes or time stops? Anything really.


I don’t want my druid emblems to stay on Melia forever. Now I have some better Yellows and some better druids so it’s very useful to have the Reset Emblem item :wink:

It is necessary to have the reset emblems.

Here was the situation I personally met in Mar-May 2020:
Our alliance is running purple tank, my defense team was; Delilah, Mitsuko, Boss Wolf, Elkanen and Joon (double yellow formation). Until Telluria was taking place as tank in the alliance war, and I was forced to relocate the emblems.

I had to retrieve druid emblems from Boss Wolf for Vela.
I had to retrieve wizard emblems from Kiril for Sartana who eventually replaced Joon.
I had to retrieve paladin emblems from Sonya for Telluria who eventually became the tank.

Not include retrieving other emblems from 4* to put to 5* heroes.

Yeah, I see the use here and there…but 41?!

I have 31 myself. Yet to use even one (my account doesn’t get anyone that worthwhile).

A partial reset would be much more useful imo.

Only use it once.

You can tell from the remaining emblems that I am cautious in using emblems…

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Got a perfect solution for you. Spend more money on gems and spend your gems on emblems. Don’t need to reset if you have a plethora of emblems. My advice would be spend all your money, you won’t be disappointed. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Anyhow, It might be that you are just too deep in the game for those. Our newcomers alliance feels comfortable putting a few on whatever crappy draws they get first, because they know they can get them back when something better comes.

I wouldn’t want to rip 18-20 off, but putting 4-6 Talents on a Rare or Epic for won’t hurt if you know you can get rip them off and get them back.

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I can’t believe I’m about to say what I’m about to say.

They are important but probably can be rarer. I have a large collection too.

Sort of feels like unfarmable 3* AM.


There are time when I think they can be more useful if only SG will tweak their mode of operation to:

  • allow partial resets i.e. to choose specific nodes and/or levels to reset, thereby allowing re routing without resetting entire grid

  • in addition to the emblems, return total or partial percentage of iron and ham used, based on the available storage space.

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Agree. I have a Joon that I pulled the costume for after embleming to +19…I wish I could move the nodes with a reset token without resetting the entire thing and starting from scratch.

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Exactly my thought for that reason, had to reset several heroes after pulling their costumes, since the emblem paths on the CB were mostly not optimized for the costume version’s class; so much resource wastage.

Now, I’m kind of reluctant to put emblems all the way on any classics prior to gaining their costumes.