Reset emblems - fighter class

morning , what y think , reset BT&Colen emblems for Magnii !! or waiting

If using your Magni in war defense then maybe.

I find BT with maxed emblems very useful and will never reset him, if I had emblems on Colen I would reset him in an instant for Magni

yes. go atk. use him on titans

@ArfaouiMohamed Iā€™m sorry not talking about the topic but your profile pic is the best! Lol :joy:


Depends how high they are, is your BT go to healer in events for epic. Do you use them much day to day in raids or anyother game play?


Reset Colen but never Boldtusk!

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Keep Boldie at emblem level 15 which is enough to make him survive more and reach almost 1000 DEF points with even not-that-strong 4* troops and 30% revival chance.

Reset emblems from useless bullcrap Colen and send them Magni.