Reset emblems drop rate

I seem to remember an announcement that reset tokens for emblems were increasing?
I then seemed to get a reset emblem in alternate emblem quests.
But since the last update, i have been through a whole 10 week cycle of emblem quests without getting a single reset emblem… it seems to have reverted back to the old position of reset emblems being next to impossible to get.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I also think that after a flurry of emblems popping up in all sorts of places, when the update first rolled out, they seem to have dried up again?

Just me or does anyone agree?

Found the thread for reset emblems.
Yep they nerfed them.
SGG are beyond a joke these days.

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Can you link the thread your referring to?

Also, good to see you @LSLordy :wink:

This thread tracks reset token

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